Even some ultra-liberals have had enough of Hollywood vulgarity

Just got a message from my oldest friend, a lefty ultra-liberal who tolerates disgusting content in a large degree when enjoying entertainment made in Coastal America. He said vulgarity has gotten worse since I quit all US movies and tv series. He too has finally had enough of it and instead prefer to re-watch old movies that are not as braindead disgusting.

Trying to figure out why America, the most powerful empire in world history, is deliberately embarrassing itself in public. Basing soft power on distribution of disgusting content is asking people to disrespect you. So why are United Coasts of America (UCA) embracing mobster values (sex, gambling, drugs, violence and depravity)? Here are a few theories:

1) Mafia people are psychopaths. The latter are only neurologically capable of experiencing superficial emotions (adrenaline/dopamine) and they don’t feel disgust. Perhaps the elites living in US coastal cities have become so infiltrated and/or influenced by organized crime (and cerebral nerds) that they perceive aesthetics the way a psychopath (or Asperger) does it?

2) the simplest hypothesis is that disgusting libertinism has for some (random) reason become a meme, spreading like a virus in populations of humans who mindlessly follow the crowd, like a herd.

3) The algorithms of streaming companies may have been trapped in a vicious circle similar to how the Romans made gladiator fights popular when occupied people initially rejected this bloody entertainment. The Romans first introduced gladiator fights as (relatively) bloodless competitions, and then gradually increased the level of violence when returning audiences had been slowly habituated to it, cf Gladiators by Roger Dunkle. Streaming algorithms may have picked up that young people are drawn to extreme and shocking content and therefore concluded that increasingly disgusting entertainment are easily sold to many customers, creating a negative feedback loop between 1) algorithms, and 2) Western nerdy faux “rebel” tweens and millions of uneducated young men in developing countries.

4) China is perhaps using its remaining power in Hollywood to destroy the soft power of America. I’m anti-woke, but if I had been a powerful CCP supporter in Hollywood I may have encouraged my friends and peers to include more libertinism and LGBT in movies, tv series and online games, because this leads to a culture war that divides the West.

5) Tribal ultra-liberals in LA and NY know that conservatives dislike disgusting content, so maybe they want to provoke conservatives by creating vulgar entertainment, just to annoy and irritate their main tribal enemy.

Perhaps one must refer to all of the above five hypotheses when trying to explain why Coastal America is deliberately pissing on itself, deliberately ruining its own reputation. It’s good however that ultra-liberals are now being mentally driven down the drain because of sick entertainment while conservatives use their evenings to focus on politics instead. This scares filthy corporate elites and it motivates them to increase oppression and surveillance. It’s entertainment for everyone who enjoys political thrillers IRL. Who needs Hollywood when you got 1/6?

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