Are China’s lockdowns a way to starve the American economy and trigger chaos in the globalist West?

Beijing would not have had zero tolerance regarding Delta Covid outbreaks in China if the CCP didn’t think the advantages of this policy outweigh the drawbacks. CCP is very long-term strategic, and they view power as being relative, meaning that China will in some cases be willing to take a few big hits if United Coasts of America (UCA) are hit much harder all in all.

In the mafia war (aka Cold War 2) between the globalist empires of Beijing/Shenzhen and Washington/Silicon Valley it’s obvious that China wants to beat their main competitors in the AI arms race, like international Musk the Martian for example. Pro Robot:

Tesla’s humanoid robot | Elon Musk’s robot

Covid has so far been good for Big Tech, but the rest of the economy in the West is hurting. If you starve the old real economy long enough it will eventually impact Big Tech too.

It will take the West maybe 10-20 years to rebuild its industrial manufacturing competency back home. By shutting down the global supply chains originating in China it’s possible for Beijing to 1) starve the American economy, maybe triggering social unrest in the process, and 2) prove to the world how reliant we are on China. A bonus is that lockdown austerity prepares the Chinese for the resilience needed during a war against Taiwan.

Since financial thrillers from Hollywood are woke now I find my quantum of entertainment kicks by watching online economic videos instead, like this one:

Michael Invests & tries to make Money

URGENT! The Global Supply Chains Are On The Brink!

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