Is Elon Musk Chinese? And why does he wants your child’s brain to be symbiotic with AI machines?

Take a look at this video from Elon Musk Zone that has a very misleading (baiting) title:

‘China Will KILL US!’ – Elon Musk LATEST CRITICAL Warning

Elon Musk Zone is a channel that is actually opposed to Musk, maybe the channel is even created by Russia, China or another non-Western country, in an attempt to discredit Musk (in the eyes of Americans who hate CCP), but Musk’s own words speak for themselves (04:22 – 05:30):

‘Watch Before They DELETE This!’ – Elon Musk’s URGENT WARNING (2021)

If Musk is so concerned about AI power why is he concentrating this power within his own company? Or does he want open source AI so that authoritarian Russia and totalitarian China can build a 1984 panopticon? Is he really so naive as to think that the military-industrial complex inside the United Coasts of America (UCA) will not (use spies to) access and concentrate the power of cyborgs and AI which Tesla designs?

Mengele wanted to create superhumans. Musk is about to gradually create superhumans with his Neuralink brain chips. Musk does not personally experiment on human beings, but he is more dangerous than Mengele because 1) the “liberal” corporate world loves Musk while almost everyone hated the Nazis enough to fight a war to stop them, 2) unlike Mengele it’s a real possibility that Musk will succeed in creating Übermenschen, and 3) Musk’s cyborg initiative will motivate non-Western authoritarian regimes to start experimenting on humans or just increasingly cut ethical corners in order to win a cyborg arms race started by Silicon Valley.

If the neoliberal imperialists of UCA notice that imperial China is winning the cyborg arms race because the latter experiments on humans then don’t be surprised if the globalist sociopaths who run Washington begin to outsource human experiments to pro-UCA authoritarian states in the same way that international neocons outsourced torture when handing over Islamic prisoners to countries like Syria for example.

War criminals in the West and East will have no problem with experimenting on homeless people or humans dying of poverty in developing countries, if that is deemed necessary to avoid defeat and surrender in Cold War 2.

Finally, look at human experiments done at McGill University and other places sponsored by the CIA.

Musk helps power-hungry psychopaths when designing cyborgs and AI. He is a driving force of AI robot developments and can therefore not avoid responsibility for the global consequences of what he creates and distributes on a worldwide level.

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