China or Russia can win the soft power war because online gaming doesn’t require the latest GPUs and CPUs

American entertainment is in the gutter as a result of vulgarity and wokeness, so there is now a window of opportunity for all non-woke and non-libertine countries to outcompete the soft power of the Coastal American entertainment and propaganda industry. The Independent:

Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

If China creates online games, especially MMORPGs, without any political propaganda at all but instead provides customers with great fun, intriguing storylines and amazing art, then Western people will be as drawn to it as tourists who visit China in order to see the Great Wall.

China or Russia can compete in the online gaming arena because 1) the optimization of games rely on good software coding, and 2) games are usually designed to work best on hardware that is 1-2 years old, since relatively few gamers can afford the latest cutting-edge GPUs and CPUs.

If China or Russia wants to be popular just copy Hollywood and the American gaming industry before it became woke and sleazy.


Huawei Announces Global Rollout of New Device Gaming Hub – HUAWEI GameCenter

AppGallery Joins Forces with Nekki to Bring Shadow Fight Arena to AppGallery Users

Poland has joined India and Ukraine in rejecting ultra-liberal propaganda and the disgusting libertine wokeness of Coastal American entertainment. Here is one example from The Hollywood Reporter:

Poland Votes to Ban Foreign Media Ownership, Targeting Discovery

My suggestion however is that American entertainment companies create 3 versions of each movie, game and tv series: one edition for woke people, a second version for libertarians, and a family friendly edition for cultural conservatives. It’s easy to make the last version because you only need to cut away the political propaganda and disgusting/vulgar content found in the two other editions.

I’m an anti-Communist, saying better dead than red, but if the only choice is between either entertainment from old-school Confucian Marxist China or disgusting entertainment from woke-Marxist Coastal America, then I choose the lesser of two evils. China is at least anti-woke, anti-libertine. I hope however that America will clean up its own house.

Why do I write about entertainment on a website about surveillance, AI and drones? Because I created as alternative nerdy entertainment after quitting all American movies and tv series. I was fed up by their vulgarity and woke propaganda.

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