Tesla one step closer to AI world domination

I’m very skeptical of tech hype, but take Lex Fridman seriously:

Tesla AI Day Highlights | Lex Fridman

Did Tesla just give China a new Sputnik moment?

Russia is not happy. TASS:

Artificial intelligence becoming tool of geopolitical influence — Russian Security Council

“The Russian Security Council deputy secretary emphasized that developed countries, primarily the United States and its closest allies, are promoting “certain approaches to the basic rules for the development and use of artificial intelligence systems in various fields, which they can take advantage of.” “Clearly, the countries that have succeeded in the development of such rules and standards and seek to enshrine them internationally look for new opportunities to gain global dominance in a changing historical environment,” Khramov stressed.”

““This situation creates threats to Russia’s national security and makes it necessary to respond appropriately,” he concluded.”

BORZZIKMAN can boast online:

Russia has Dealt a Devastating Blow to the Prestige of the U.S./Russians bought 10 units of S-500!

The future is miniature warfare however. Hypersonic missiles are useless against swarms of tiny insect drones using superior AI based on chips that are 20% or 70% faster than what China and Russia can create.

Tesla’s AI is basically a Manhattan Project done in the open. It’s a declaration of war against original humanity. But not even the Russians or Chinese are doing anything about it…

I’m a disillusioned gamer, probably dead by 2045 anyway, with no kids, and have just one personal goal, which is to encourage the entertainment industry to create non-woke and family friendly versions of all mainstream games. If Elon Musk uses his superior AI and magnificent GPUs to create a MMORPG that is better than ESO, including a culturally conservative edition, then I’ll be too busy playing that game and lack time to put AI robotics in the human context of war, liberty and resistance.

In other words, nobody can claim that I’m dogmatically against AI or categorically an enemy of American coastal states. I can be friends with Silicon Valley if they start to respect cultural conservatives.

But some non-Western professional players in the “Great Game” of international politics are probably dreaming of pointing a few hypersonic missiles at Tesla’s labs and factories.

CCP on the other hand allowed Tesla to build a Gigafactory inside China.

Will Musk the Asperger dance on the grave of Xi the Machiavellian? I’m a 70% nerd so will find that dance highly amusing.

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