Why not destroy Covid surveillance cameras?

The hybrid tyrannous rule in Australia is getting worse. Quarantine has become house arrest down under, with warning signs on houses that have sick inhabitants. The Jews in Nazi Germany were branded as sick and lived in “yellow-star houses”. The Australian police hunt down their own citizens if they don’t respect imprisonment at home. But Covid is not Ebola or Smallpox, and therefore it does not warrant this violation of basic human rights.

Naive people say “we are law-abiding people, so we have no reason to fear surveillance”, but look at what happened in this video clip from Timcast (02:05) showing a Covid “criminal” in Australia being caught on camera and shamed publicly all over the world for resisting imprisonment:

Australia Issues Warrants For ‘COVID Suspects,’ Suspects Must MARK Homes, Internment Camps Next

Millions of people with Covid have been in elevators and in other public places. Australia wants to arrest all of them once they have tested positive if they exercise their right to free assembly. Don’t allow this precedent to spread beyond mentally sick Australia. Stop taking tests.

The scandal here is that modern societies have so many surveillance cameras that if you live in harmony with basic human rights the police watch you on camera and start running after you.

Insurgency is in principle justified in the West now, but I agree with Tim that nonviolent resistance is the best strategy. This strategy can work in all situations except when the enemy is totalitarian like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union under Stalin. But nonviolent defense presupposes that hundreds of thousands are willing to be activists and take the same risks as Gandhi did. If this nonviolent mobilization does not occur, then an insurgency will be legitimate as a last resort, in defense of constitutional democracies based on moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism.

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