Why democracies in the West have become enlightened hybrid authoritarian regimes. Why insurgency is justified.

Democracy means that common people are de facto ruling their own state. This is not the case in the West today. Firstly, high-tech societies have become so large and complex that only political and economic elites have the time and knowledge needed to govern a Western state. An average citizen has a job, kids and a house. Maintaining all this takes so much energy and time that ordinary citizens are relatively exhausted at the end of the day. Being tired it’s natural that they often only want some light entertainment before they go to sleep, after having watched corporate news on the telly and read maybe a half hour of corporate news on the Internet. Consequently, they lack the information and education needed to make good political decisions. Instead they let elites govern Western states. But that is elite rule, not democracy.

Secondly, to join the political elite and run an election campaign in the West you must have a lot of money, given to you by the rich and powerful who want political favors in return.

Thirdly, it’s true that we still have some degree of human rights protection and rule of law in the West, but you can also have that in states based on the principle of enlightened despotism. John Rawls talks about non-liberal “decent regimes” in his book The Law of Peoples. Minority rights are therefore not in themselves proof that you live in a democracy.

Fourthly, the state can be defined as the institution which has monopoly on the use of violence (physical force). You only live in a democracy if common people have de facto control over the state and its monopoly on violence. This control means that it’s possible for average citizens to overthrow a corrupt government, but the police and military have so much power, especially surveillance power, that elites can nip all rebellions in the bud. Additionally, the military in the West has been partly privatized by the military-industrial complex and mercenary corporations that have no loyalty to any nation state, which is clear evidence that common people are no longer in charge of Western states.

Fifthly, common people only live in a democracy if they can make informed decisions about politics. This presupposes that they have full access to all facts and arguments in political debates. They don’t have this today. Since they are relatively tired and exhausted at the end of the day it’s natural that they only have time to watch mainstream news, the news which the majority watch. But mainstream media has been bought by six companies in the US. Corporate (social) media censors, excludes and shadow bans much of the information that contradicts the interests of the CorpState, i.e. the revolving door between Big Business and Big Government. This lack of political information flowing freely makes democracies hollow.

Sixthly, a democracy requires that each average citizen has the economic independence to make up his/her own mind about politics without fear of being punished economically. But the moment you have kids you are owned by the bank who loaned you money for the house you bought. You therefore become dependent on your job, making you vulnerable to pressure if political groups call your employer in order to demand that he/she fires you because you have not been “politically correct”.

Seventhly, we know that neoliberals claim that average citizens “vote with their wallets”, but given all the arguments presented above it’s obvious that this “vote” often doesn’t mean much. For example, if common people had been told in the early 1990s that the “fourth industrial revolution” has a 20 to 50 percent chance of exterminating all of humanity by 2100, then none of us back then would have supported Big Tech and their online infrastructure:

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

Eightly, even a representative (parliamentary) democracy presupposes that political elites represent the interests of average citizens who live within a state. But neoliberal woke elites in the West today are in the pocket of global corporations that have 1) outsourced Western jobs, 2) destroyed state borders by allowing mass immigration used as cheap labor, 3) allowed industries to become corrupted by transnational organized crime, and 4) created unprecedented economic inequality. Financial Times:

Kleptopia — dirty money’s tangled web of deceit

Ninthly, in a constitutional democracy there is no mass surveillance. London in 2021 had more surveillance cameras than Beijing.

Finally, civil rights in a democracy are not sacrificed during a health crisis, but we have seen undemocratic public health decrees in Australia, New Zealand and New York for example.

All in all it’s therefore time to point out a tragic fact: Western democracies have become a new type of hybrid authoritarian regimes. It’s justified to begin an insurrection against these regimes if Western governments don’t return to moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism, the two pillars of constitutional democracies in the West.

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