The West is ruled by (pro-)gay people, so why is China afraid of taking Taiwan?

Saddam Hussein attacked Iran, acting like a bona fide dictator. But China, a much more powerful country than Iraq, doesn’t dare to occupy a small island which historically is part of China. Why this hesitancy now?

Earlier I have claimed that all bets are off regarding the possibility of nuclear war if China attacks Taiwan. Fear of triggering WW3 is one good reason not to occupy the island. But two factors have recently changed my viewpoint about whether the US will risk nuclear war or simply not (openly) defend Taiwan at all.

Firstly, when I today saw men in their twenties walk around in a Norwegian holiday destination for the rich and powerful almost all of them appeared “gay”, like feminized man-babies, and then it occurred to me that the corporate elite in the West has become so decadent and soft that China has little to fear from “men” like that.

The Nazi leader of SA was gay. Other military elites, including professional soldiers, can be LGBT too. I’m not talking about the elites however. Just saying that we have a new democratic majority culture in the West that has become “feminized”, in lack of a better word. Getting these decadent “men” to really support a war against China is not easy when they can just ignore Taiwan and live happily as hedonists in the West. In pre-technological times everybody, including gays, were forced to survive. But combining a high-tech consumer lifestyle with gay values creates a generation of men not willing to fight, generally speaking.

When elites defend the LGBT lifestyle, common people will follow their example, because humans are herd animals, but average citizens will not have the same discipline as the elites. They will instead become vulgar, weak and decadent, unwilling to fight because they are only concerned about satisfying short-term animalistic desires such as sex for example.

Countries that are not woke also perceive the new LGBT culture in the West as being a sign of weakness and feel disgust because of it, which increases the risk of military attacks.

Secondly, we all know that common people, the “silent majority”, are sheep, now ultra-sheepish because of LGBT indoctrination, so China has little reason to worry about their opinions expressed in Western polls, but China probably fear the professional soldiers working for the US military. They are not weaklings. But after having read more about the privatization of the US military it’s pretty obvious that America is a rich man’s club. United Coasts of America (UCA) is not a state anymore but instead a temporary platform for global corporations and international Private Military Companies (PMCs). These guys are tough but they are driven by profit. Consequently, they will not risk WW3 just to defend Taiwan. After Vietnam they are not so stupid as to believe in the domino theory.

The Mongols would not have been scared of decadent Babylon. So, again, what keeps Xi from attacking Taiwan? Maybe it’s because China too has become Babylon Light? Perhaps that’s why CCP has severely disciplined their own corporate leaders, to prepare them and get them in shape for what is coming?

I wildly guess that China will go to war after their domestic surveillance system is full panopticon. I speculate that China will first destroy TSMC, because the US is now saying we need to defend Taiwan in order to protect this vital part of the global chip industry. But if TSMC is sabotaged before the war starts, then Western corporations will have less reason to defend the island.

Sitting sleepy and comfortably in my reclining strategic armchair I present this conjecture:

Everyone knows that China can’t beat the original corporatists if continuing to play their game. These corporations own and develop the fastest chips which the privatized US military needs when creating weaponized AI robots. The latter will be sufficiently operational in maybe ten years (if Big Tech is lucky and it’s not all hype). Western corporations have time on their side anyway. They have many woke AI geniuses on their side. That’s probably why they ignore conservatives, ignore the traditional backbone of the military. Because they are betting everything on AI robots being the soldiers of the future:

Tesla’s Multi-Trillion Dollar Weapon Is On The Verge Of Disruption

The secret of Atlas | Boston Dynamics’ robot Atlas

One can hypothesize that if China got any old Mongolian attitude left it will attack Taiwan as soon as possible. If CCP means business and is not using Taiwan simply as a convenient way to unite mainland China (and scare Western corporations during negotiations), then I’ll bet my old sock that an attack will happen the next five years.

And the gay West will be as loud as a lapdog.

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