The last stage of (DSI): full circle

The first paradigm of DSI is to just fight AI bots and fight mass surveillance, plain and simple.

The second paradigm however is based on the realization that: if the West doesn’t have a military alternative to AI defense systems it will sooner or later be easy for Russia, China or another authoritarian regime to use their own AI bots to conquer democracies. This means that I changed to very reluctantly admitting that AI bots is a necessary evil, after I unsuccessfully did everything to imagine a way to create a non-AI military defense system that can withstand authoritarian AI even five hundred years from now.

The third phase of DSI started when seeing clearly that many woke countries in the West are now hybrid authoritarian regimes, so from a disillusioned viewpoint and in lack of a genuine democratic option it makes relative sense for cultural conservatives to “support” any kind of non-woke hybrid authoritarian regime if only the pop culture (entertainment) of that regime is in harmony with cultural conservatism.

But the last and final change of viewpoint here on DSI is actually a return to the first paradigm because I have found a non-AI military defense system that will always be effective in a democratic West no matter how advanced authoritarian AI will become in the future.

It’s only a question of time before authoritarian AI bots will shoot down all Western nuclear missiles if the latter are guided by old computer technologies. The solution is to build many stationary 100 megaton cobalt bombs inside the West. In each city build several watchtowers, more hermetically sealed than a level 4 biolab. If guards inside a tower sees that citizens below them are dying because of viruses or nanobots, they should report it and get the codes they need before pulling mechanical non-digital levers which sets in motion a chain of events that detonates 5000 cobalt bombs in America and Europe, thereby creating a global nuclear winter. This will deter an attack on Western democracies.

The above solution will not prevent that authoritarian AI drones fly around in the West, disguised as tiny insects or drift through the air in the form of smart dust. But mass surveillance in the West will be omnipresent anyway if we continue to develop AI sensors in the US/EU. The advantage of only authoritarian regimes doing AI surveillance in America and Europe is that foreigners outside the West lack police and military power inside the US/EU, so they can’t use surveillance data to oppress citizens in democracies.

Guards in the watchtowers should only enter them after having spent maybe 4 weeks in a luxury quarantine, in order to make it less likely that a biological agent kills them inside the towers. But if they are killed, a totally non-digital system will automatically detonate the cobalt bombs if four levers inside each watchtower are not pushed once each day. Attempts to destroy the towers will also trigger the bombs. This mechanical system must be 100% reliable of course, and take all contingencies into consideration. Engineers today can build AI robots and send drones to Mars. It will therefore be easy for them to build a reverse dead man’s switch.

If you look at the shocking history of accidents related to nuclear bombs you’ll see that stationary cobalt bombs are safer than missiles and airborne nukes.

In principle I’m therefore back at square one of DSI, basically in the same camp as all other mass surveillance critics, such as Snowden and Greenwald for example.

However, it’s not likely that Western militaries will build a non-AI defense system. These children are just too hypnotized by the power of AI. They are on a power trip and have already sacrificed much of our constitutional democracies. Since I’m a cultural conservative I will therefore very reluctantly continue to “support” any rightwing AI bot regime that is not libertine, not woke. In lack of a real democratic alternative I will rather live in a Christian authoritarian Russia than exist in a woke authoritarian West.

All articles in categories starting with #-4 are published after 20 August, 2021, after this fourth turn in thinking.

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