Microsoft soldiers coming to your neighborhood

Soldiers (like in Australia, Sydney) or militarized police, with Terminator goggles from Microsoft, will soon hunt down “domestic violent extremists” in your city, town or village.

Here the smart goggles are presented by a former infantryman trying to be “funny” (so just ignore him):

Will digital combat goggles actually work in combat?

A former Marine reviews the goggles:

US Army Combat Goggles IVAS (Marine Reacts)

It may take a relatively long time to make the goggles robust and reliable in all war situations, but these HUDs will be perfect for militarized police in the West during the “domestic war on terror”. The police will then have schematics for all buildings and public places. There will be no places to hide when there are IoT sensors everywhere.

It will be easy for a swarm of drones to hunt you down and incapacitate you when these goggles are connected to 1) the facial recognition of AI fusion surveillance, and 2) microbial cell tracking. Wired:

New surveillance tech means you’ll never be anonymous again

“Every person emits around 36 million microbial cells per hour, and human microbiomes are unique for a certain period of time (a 2015 study found that around 80 per cent of people could be re-identified using their microbiome up to a year later). This means that the constant trail of microbial traces we leave behind us, as well as those we pick up from our surroundings, can be used to help reconstruct a picture of a person’s activities and movements, like where they walked, what objects they touched and what environments they have been in.”

I disagree with the infantryman in the first video above when he says that military robots are not the future. Robot soldiers today are at the same stage as computer games in 2001. Data from the battlefield, collected through Microsoft’s smart goggles, will be used to teach AI robots how to fight and kill.

The new AI-enhanced warfighters can be called Microsoft soldiers because the US military has become privatized to a large degree, cf Spies for Hire by Tim Shorrock and Corporate Warriors by Peter Singer. Big Tech is the new military-industrial complex. Big Tech is woke. That’s why Pentagon has become woke too, in order to woo and recruit ultra-liberal AI robot engineers.

As ‘Woke’ Criticism Grows, Pentagon Says ‘No Apologies’ for Diversity Programs

“He said the department is focused on defending the nation, adding that doing so means creating an environment where talented people feel comfortable working.”

If you are uninformed about how the intelligence community (IC) operates you may think that democracy is safe as long as we have laws against surveillance. But laws have loopholes and the IC can just outsource surveillance to private contractors to get the information they need. The IC can also simply break the law since (almost) nobody will detect it or be able to prove it since the main goal of the IC isn’t to arrest people but instead gather as much secret info as possible, and then give some of it to the police if necessary. During the new “war on domestic violent extremists” one should take it for granted that the torturers in CIA for example will break the law.

One of the reasons that democracies were created in the past was because changes in warfare demanded mass mobilization of all men able to fight, so elites had to treat all citizens right in order to secure the loyalty of drafted soldiers. Woke corporate elites are now becoming so technological powerful that they don’t need to rely on drafted soldiers (or in some war situations no humans at all) and they can therefore ignore democracy, ignore half of the population: cultural conservatives.

What amazes me is how few people today are willing to stand up and combat the new despotic regime of Silicon Valley and Washington. This is despotism. Tyrants in earlier times had to be brutally violent to scare people into submission. This primitive method is not necessary when the elite has turned society into an open prison, a panopticon, where everyone is basically tagged, like sheep living “freely” in forests and mountains until farmers pick them up when winter arrives. 99.9 % of humanity will never rebel in a panopticon because they know it’s hopeless. If elites had introduced this surveillance system in the 1980s it would have triggered a war. Citizens today don’t care. Nobody is organizing a resistance (not counting small fringe militias). We only talk and complain about it on social media. That’s like thinking WW2 and the Cold War could have been won if we just chatted about Hitler and Stalin on Gab.

Is almost everyone really “tagged” already today? Well, listen to Snowden:

Your Smartphone Is Worse Than A Spy in Your Pocket: Edward Snowden

Japan built an aircraft carrier in 2015 but said they would not use it as an aircraft carrier (since that would be illegal according to a 1945 peace agreement, writes Tim Marshall in Prisoners of Geography). But we all knew back then that it actually was an aircraft carrier, confirmed in 2018, since they are now refitting it for F-35s. If a state is building a panopticon today you know they are building a tyranny (fully unveiled in the future).

You are very naive if you trust leaders who say they are building a panopticon while simultaneously claiming that it’s totally safe and harmless since they don’t intend to abuse this unprecedented tech power in the future.

The rightwing populist “resistance” in the West is so shabby today that currently it seems like the woke surveillance elite has almost won the culture war. But things can change fast in our turbulent times. Climate changes, overpopulation, pandemics, hyper-inflation, water shortages or wars in Ukraine/Taiwan may forever ruin woke “utopia” if social and economic collapse leads to rightwing authoritarian rule in Western countries. I think the “fourth industrial revolution” is going to blow up sooner or later, or as MIT physicist Max Tegmark says it:

Humans will destroy ourselves in 100 years with 50% probability | Max Tegmark and Lex Fridman

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