Russian rejection of manmade climate changes a scorched earth policy against Western United States?


US controversial policies can destabilize global oil market, experts say

“”The era of hydrocarbons is far from over, and the policy of the new American President poses a threat to both the US economy and the global market,” economist Nikita Krichevsky notes” (…)

“Within the country the US administration is actively restricting the oil industry in favor of decarbonization goals. This may turn out to be a political maneuver to distribute financial flows of the global fuel and energy complex in favor of the US financial regulators.” (…)

“In his opinion, the senators actually admit that the principles of decarbonization, Biden administration has declared as sacred, are absurd, not only from an environmental but also from an economic point of view.” (…)

“According to head of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin, the senators’ demand to “make America great again” means abandoning the “green” myths lobbied by the financial elite, which supported Biden’s coming to the presidency, as opposed to opponents from the real sector.” (…)

“”Washington will prepare carbon restrictions for other countries. At the same time, it will try not to observe them itself and will get all the competitive advantages,” he explains.”

“According to Leonid Krutakov, Associate Professor of the Financial University under the Russian government, “green energy” is rather a promoted media phenomenon without firm scientific grounds. Moreover the “green” transition project is being implemented using administrative-command methods.” (…)

“In his opinion, the “green” project is aimed at preserving the rights of Western economies that do not possess huge oil and gas reserves, to manage world savings and regulate global investment flows. “Without a new global tax, a green project is economically untenable,” he stresses.” (…)

“However, in the Unites States the entire states are already opposing this new policy. For example, in oil-producing Texas, a governor’s decree will come into effect on September 1, which prohibits state pension funds from investing in companies that restrict investment in the oil and gas industry, seek to harm it or “punish” for investing in it.”

I think climate changes are manmade, but view them as a lesser evil compared to the worldwide AI cyborg surveillance regime which Big Tech in United Coasts of America (UCA) tries to expand even more in the near future.

Original humanity can survive climate changes but will lose freedom forever in Big Tech’s totalitarian Brave New World.

Consequently, in one way I tragically view it as a lesser evil to “support” the old money of coal and oil if these energy corporations continue a global policy which has as a side effect that ultra-liberal Big Tech gets wrecked and burned (to the ground) in social/economic chaos triggered by climate changes, especially in Western America.

For example, when severe heatwaves, drought, water shortages, and smoke from wildfires pollutes LA, SF and Seattle, it’s likely that even more ultra-liberals will move to heartland America. These woke people will be despised and hated there. Some patriots may even nonviolently sabotage Big Tech labs and factories that have been moved east (or north to Alaska). When conservatives and woke people are forced to live right next to each other, the situation will explode. Because woke citizens are not like moderate liberals who have always been able to live well together with moderate cultural conservatives.

Kremlin can enjoy two other advantages if continuing to support the old carbon-based economy. Firstly, the Moscow elite will immediately earn a lot of money when selling oil and gas. Secondly, global warming will open up the long northern coast of Russia, perhaps making it a superpower in the future. The drawbacks are wildfires in Siberia, but not many people live there, relatively speaking. Kremlin may prefer “a little smoke” all over Russia if the overall consequence of climate change is that UCA becomes so weak and turbulent that no AI drone and cyborg army will ever occupy Russia in the future.

Alternatively, it’s also a possibility that the mafia in Kremlin are just short-sighted fools in regards to environmental matters, not caring about what happens to Russia and the world after the current generation of psychopathic imperial leaders (in Russia, China, UCA and EU) are dead, six feet under.

Of course, if you believe that climate change is just a liberal conspiracy, then you don’t have to worry about any of this.

For the record, if the only choice is between a conservative mafia in Kremlin or a woke mafia in Washington, I “support” the former, in lack of a much better third alternative: a Jeffersonian democracy.

Finally, is it not entertaining that Russia and Texas have an overlapping interest in stopping “green” ultra-liberal Washington?

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