Is Taiwan indefensible?

Love the suspense in this debate from IQ2US and Foreign Affairs:

Taiwan is Indefensible

My attitude is that it will be best for the online gaming community if the US deterred China from getting TSMC destroyed in a war. This deterrence is possible if the US secretly smuggles a lot of weapons into Taiwan, but have no idea how this can happen without it being detected.

Since I have become a grumpy old fatalist my main attitude is that China will do whatever Beijing does, and the US will do whatever Washington does. “Smart fools” on both sides will just act, in line with their instincts, fear, biases and ignorance, when things start rolling south. Academic debates about right and wrong will therefore matter little in real life. All bets are off if or when the attack starts.

If China decides to attack Taiwan it means that Beijing is willing to risk a nuclear war. Consequently, the only relevant question is whether corporatists and politicians in Washington are willing to risk WW3 over Taiwan. If yes, then I’m going to buy a bottle of champagne and have it ready for a last drink when seeing the missiles approach.

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