Australian police are into child abuse: pepper-spraying 12 year old girl without mask

If there had been real men in Australia the police station would not have been standing after this (03:40):

NSW police arrest and pepper spray 12 year old girl for not wearing a mask

Daily Mail:

Distressing moment a 12-year-old girl is ‘pepper sprayed’ as her family clash with police and her sister is arrested for ‘refusing to wear a face mask’ and breaching Covid lockdown orders

Watch pepper-spraying of child in this video (04:16) from Breaking Points:

Could Australia’s DYSTOPIAN Lockdown NIGHTMARE Come To The US?

The police in New York has pepper-sprayed a 9 year old girl, in 2021. The Guardian:

Rochester police officers suspended after girl, nine, handcuffed and pepper-sprayed

Australia is also putting up concentration camps for those sick with Covid.

Construction of Mickleham quarantine camp starts

And they have deployed the military against their own citizens.

It’s maybe useless to point out that Australia has become a hybrid authoritarian state. These psychopaths don’t care. But they have sent a message to all bioterrorists: if you want to destroy democracies in the West you only need to design a new gain-of-function virus.

And it’s not only Australia. New Zealand and New York have embraced authoritarianism too:

New Zealand announces it’s locking down the entire country … over one Covid case

New York is now a city for the biological superior, the “übermenschen” who have the right ID papers. Timcast:

NYC Is Just The Beginning, Fascists Are Taking Over Demanding Papers For Entrance, Speak Up NOW

Australia, New Zealand and New York have set a precedent which signals to authoritarian regimes: there will be no neoliberals or neocons fighting in the name of “liberty” and “democracy” abroad if a new low-lethality virus turns Western states into hybrid dictatorships, because neoliberal crusaders will have no credibility at all when everybody knows that countries in the West are no longer free democracies.

The brutality seen in Australia may come back to haunt the country in the future. I’m not doing anything illegal however. Don’t have to, because other more powerful actors, maybe China, will definitely have no problem attacking a state when it no longer has any democratic legitimacy. Karma can be funny that way. You reap as you sow.

Red fascist China will probably attack Australia, regardless of whether the latter is a democracy or not, if the fascistoid regime “down under” keeps pushing the envelope near Taiwan. Or climate changes will make toast out of Australia. There will most likely be a reckoning one way or another.

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