The new pistol tactics of the US Army. Urban warfare Taiwan? Domestic military policing in American cities?

Task & Purpose:

Why the US Army Handed Infantry More Pistols

Since United Coasts of America (UCA) has pivoted to Asia, in order to counter China, why do their corporate warriors need pistols? Is it for clearing skyscrapers in Taipei? Imagine how effective these professional soldiers are going to be in the future, with super-quick semiconductors driving insect drone swarms up front while US warfighters approaching safely behind a shield of slaughterbots, always goggle scouting and pistols ready, in case a squad or platoon of Chinese imperial storm troopers ambush them.

Will Xi attack Taiwan before the high-tech power of UCA becomes unbeatable? Will Mr Xi shoot down the satellites of UCA? If that happens, how long will it take before rockets with plutonium and uranium launch here and there?

Another scenario: hey, what if UCA decides to openly become a hybrid authoritarian regime like Australia? The optics will not be good if a partly privatized army runs around with assault rifles when arresting dissidents (conservatives). But if these goons have (only) tactical pistols on their hips, they can operate less conspicuously next to corrupt police officers and blend in with militarized SWAT teams in the UCA and heartland America.

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