Australians are pathetic losers not deserving democracy when accepting Operation Stay at Home

NSW Police:

NSW Police Force to launch Operation STAY AT HOME

“The operation will utilise resources from all Police Districts and Police Area Commands under Metropolitan and Regional NSW Field Operations alongside officers attached to Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Police Transport Command, Dog and Mounted Unit, and a number of other specialist commands as required.”

“Significantly, 1400 officers attached to Traffic and Highway Patrol Command will be dedicated to both static and mobile COVID-19 compliance operations on the state’s roads.”

“A further 500 Australian Defence Force troops, in addition to the 300 already deployed, will assist with compliance checks and patrols.” (…)

““We will be issuing $5000 fines to people and closing any businesses which continue to breach the health orders, and will not apologise for these increased enforcement efforts going forward.””

“Deputy Commissioner Mick Willing, Regional NSW Field Operations, said preventing movement to regional areas from Sydney, and between regional areas, would be a key focus of the operation.”

““There will be more roadblocks on main arterial roads and backroads from tomorrow, and these operations will continue to expand throughout this week in order to enforce the permit system announced by the NSW Government this morning,” Deputy Commissioner Willing said.”

““There will be nowhere to hide if you are doing the wrong thing. If you travel anywhere beyond your LGA at the moment, you are putting everyone else in NSW at considerable risk.”

Fun fact: the Australian junta is using “specialist commands” against their own people, not caring about the associations this create. Wikipedia:


But no need to rely on reductio ad Hitlerum arguments in this case. Australia is now a police state, no longer a liberal democracy. It’s in the same category as hybrid authoritarian regimes.

Spineless Australian losers are sending a message to tyrants all over the world: even common people in a well-functioning constitutional democracy don’t stand up to authoritarian rule if dictators use the oldest trick in the book, which is to introduce despotism in the name of “public safety”.

North Korea and Beijing are applauding.

If men in Australia had not been pitiful cowards they would have acted like the Resistance during WW2 and overthrown the Quislings who have now taken power in Australia.

I’m angry and feel only contempt because Australians are setting an example which weakens the credibility of all Western democracies.

Americans will hopefully never give up the Second Amendment. 2A is today more important than ever in modern Western history since WW2. I’m a moderate cultural conservative so when it comes to defending classical liberal rights I basically stand on the same side as moderate liberals such as Tim Pool:

Sydney Goes FULL 1984, 800 Soldiers, THOUSANDS Of Cops Deploy To Keep People Locked In Their Homes

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