Will a war over Taiwan unite woke Silicon Valley and Jesusland in America?

A culture war that divides America can be a “force multiplier” for China and Russia during a real war. But will tribal patriotism and democratic idealism in the US generally trump conservative Christianity and anti-woke sentiments if China attacks Taiwan? That sure is an entertaining question.

If you think I have been scaremongering when claiming that extra intense chaos in the US/EU will probably occur during a future major crisis if we don’t deescalate the culture war (by returning to moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism) then it may get your heart pumping when seeing how close we are to an intercontinental war. Global Times:

US, Taiwan crossing the red line will create historic opportunity for PLA fighter jets to fly over island: Global Times editorial

Warthog Defense:


Global Times:

Allowing Tsai to attend Summit for Democracy will gravely violate the one-China principle

Perhaps we avoid war this year, but overpopulation, global warming and water shortages will the next decades increase the chance of war. Rightwing authoritarian leaders who don’t care about constitutional democracy may then get power in relatively many Western countries. They will not play nice with ultra-liberal people after two decades of woke minority dominance in the US/EU.

I will always support universal human rights, the rule of law and constitutional democracies, so no matter what happens I will always defend the basic liberal rights of all human beings, including immigrants and woke people. But other persons are not that principled in a crisis. It didn’t take long for many Americans to accept torture after 9/11. Today’s culture war will make it easier for psychopaths and Machiavellians to ignore human rights if a major crisis occurs in the future. It’s therefore safest for everyone to support the stability provided by the two old pillars of constitutional democracy: moderate liberality and moderate cultural conservatism.

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