UN climate report: code red for humanity. Hurrah!

Why would an environmentalist like myself, who has been arrested for environmentally motivated civil disobedience, be “happy” that a new UN report warns about incoming disaster for humanity? Reuters:

U.N. climate change report sounds ‘code red for humanity’

Always look at the bright side of life. The advantage of a climate-related apocalypse the next decade or two is that it may perhaps prevent the creation of woke AI totalitarianism in the West.

Nature will survive climate changes. Humanity will also survive it. During the first Cold War people in the West risked total extinction in a nuclear war in order to stop totalitarianism. Today we also need to say: Better dead than AI red.

Total chaos now, (partly) caused by climate changes, such as wildfires, is horror. Nobody should experience that. Nobody should have experienced WW2 either when defending constitutionally democratic nation states against Nazi imperialism. But sometimes life is cruel, unfair and very dangerous. Taking risks is worth it in a fight for liberty. It’s better than being cooked like frogs not jumping out of the pot when the water is slowly heated. The pot today is woke AI mass surveillance, a panopticon worse than the one seen in Stasi Germany.

I don’t have to incite cultural conservatives to accelerate the destruction of the neoliberal totalitarian system. No need to encourage them to pollute even more. Because this system-destroying process will most likely occur anyway (unless we are saved by a high-tech deus ex machina).

Ultra-liberals will say that I sound cruel, heartless and cynical. But I have warned about climate changes since the 1980s. Now it may be too late. I therefore focus on the silver lining: chaos will perhaps force people to wake up (and live free as “preppers” in failed states without mass surveillance).

But if woke people instead prefer to increase the surveillance power of the CorpState (corporate state), in a misguided attempt at introducing eco-fascism, we cultural conservatives can at least enjoy the feeling of schadenfreude, because there will be no woke utopia, no “enlightened” liberty for woke people, only dictatorship.

If you are opposed to my disillusioned attitude toward climate changes, and if you feel a need to condemn it publicly on a corporate social media platform, let me ask you:

How is your carbon footprint? Are you willing to reduce your own consumption by 50% or more?

Green woke hypocrites have no credibility. Vox:

Wealthier people produce more carbon pollution — even the “green” ones

Where I currently live, inexpensively during summertime in Norway, there is a ski resort for rich and powerful people. They have started to build lots of hotels, cabins and apartments for the wealthy elite. They drive around in SUVs and supercars. Their consumption is very high. The consumption of cocaine is high too. They sometimes trash the hotel rooms, when partying, because they can afford to pay for the damage. That’s the Norwegian elite. But they compensate for their own destructive lifestyle by supporting wokeness. A restaurant has put up the LGBT flag, right next to where parents and kids are eating, exposing them to woke propaganda. They probably feel good about being so “tolerant” and “diverse”. Of course, 95% of humanity can’t afford vacations here. If you want to send the restaurant an email objecting to their woke propaganda, contact them here:


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