Better dead than AI red

Silicon Valley and the Davos elite represents high-tech neo-Communism. This can easily be seen when one defines Communism in practice:

Communism is abolition of private property. Sky News Australia (01:49) quotes the World Economic Forum:

‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy’: Warnings of ‘Orwellian’ Great Reset

Reuters, a news agency somewhat in the pocket of the British state, claims to have “fact-checked” the WEF video and reached the verdict that WEF does not have as it’s stated goal to abolish private property. Reuters just skips critical journalism here. Instead of investigating those in power this lousy news agency just accepts it when WEF claims it’s not their stated goal to abolish private property. As if corrupt elites never do anything shady when claiming in public that they are all good and decent.

By simply predicting that no private property is a possibility in 2030 the WEF reveals it’s crypto-communist mindset, because if they had really defended private property this dystopian future would not have been a possibility at all in 2030.

Communism in theory and practice is elite rule: the dictatorship of the “proletariat”. In the West today you can observe unprecedented global inequality with corporate billionaires paying to get politicians elected in CorpStates (corporate states). This revolving door between Big Business and Big Government is also found in Communist China.

Communism is Gulag and totalitarianism. China supports North Korea. Big Tech in Coastal America supports CCP, by having outsourced Western industries to China. Biden supported a prison “reform” in the 1990s which in the US created the most populated prison system in the world. The new woke elites in the West send the police to harass and even arrest people opposing “equity” and “diversity”.

Communism is surveillance. London had in 2021 more surveillance cameras than Beijing.

Communism is censorship. It’s old news that Big Tech censors people, including the 45th president of the US.

Communism is secularism. Woke corporatists have created a secular society in the West.

Communism is against traditional family values. Woke elites in the West supports that LGBT, a minority, becomes part of mainstream cultures.

Communism is internationalism. Woke elites are globalists.

Communism promises utopia. Big Tech in Silicon Valley claim they will lead common people to a cyborg AI utopia, cf Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark and Heavens on Earth by Michael Shermer.

Ironically one of the main differences between Beijing and Silicon Valley is that the former is more conservative when being anti-woke and supporting Han nationalism within a Confucian framework.

During the first Cold War people in the West said: better dead than red. We risked nuclear war, especially in 1962, in order to protect freedom. We need the same spirit today when defending humanity against AI communism.

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