Proof that Democrats, and not rightwing populists, are the scariest authoritarians

Chris Hedges is one of many liberals who claim that rightwing populists are “crypto-fascists” (03:02):

Chris Hedges | Biden CANNOT HELP US —will cause FASCISM!

Hedges appears to ignore the fact that the CorpState of the Biden administration is the most dangerous fascistoid regime. This regime is so scary that it frightens China and Russia. TASS:

Nuclear disarmament should be linked to control over new types of weapons — Gorbachev

“”Let me remind you of another provision of the joint Soviet-US statement adopted at the 1985 Geneva summit: the parties will not seek military superiority. Today it is particularly relevant. Imagine that the world will get rid of nuclear weapons in ten or fifteen years. What will be left? Piles of conventional weapons, including the newest types, often comparable in power to weapons of mass destruction. And the lion’s share of them is in the hands of a single country, the United States, which thus gains superiority on the global stage. Such a situation will block the path towards nuclear disarmament,” he wrote in the article entitled To Understand Perestroika and Defend New Thinking published in the Russia in Global Affairs magazine on Monday.”

Asia Society:

China’s ‘Sputnik Moment’ and the Sino-American Battle for AI Supremacy

The Democrats in Silicon Valley are so powerful that Pentagon has embraced wokeness in an attempt to woo them.

As ‘Woke’ Criticism Grows, Pentagon Says ‘No Apologies’ for Diversity Programs

“He said the department is focused on defending the nation, adding that doing so means creating an environment where talented people feel comfortable working.”

Democrats accuse Trump of inciting an insurrection on 1/6, but if that was his intention he would have started a military coup. Whatever you think of Trump he’s not so stupid as to think that demonstrators in the streets are able to stage a coup in the US. Even if he had been that stupid it would have been delusional, only proving the powerlessness of a leader no longer in touch with reality and therefore utterly incapable of overthrowing a constitutional democracy if that had been his intention.

Who are doing surveillance and censorship? Democrats in Big Tech. Who are using the police to enforce authoritarian Covid edicts? Democrats. Who are using propaganda in entertainment to spread wokeness? Democrats.

Chris Hedges talks about Republican “crypto-fascism”, but one should ask whether he is a crypto-corporatist, a shill, because he criticizes corporations but then brings up the issue of “whiteness”, a topic that will split left- and rightwing populists who both are opposed to corporations.

Corporatists have for centuries used the tactic of divide and conquer. It’s therefore very suspect when Chris Hedges brings up issues that he knows will split left- and rightwing anti-corporatist populists.

Look at the room where Chris Hedges is sitting. Who is paying for all that? Look at that fancy white door behind him. My oldest friend is a true lefty environmentalist, he lives in a small cabin without any plumbing, without any water supply system. He basically lives as he preaches. I can respect that.

My unassessed Dr.philos thesis is about forcefully taking 10% of the money owned by billionaires and giving it to people dying of poverty in developing countries. Robin Hood. Liberal academics in Norway have prevented the thesis from being assessed despite written recommendations from five respected professors. Got no support from 99% of all liberal academics during 15 years of trying to get the thesis assessed. I’m therefore very familiar with fake progressives. When these shills and hypocrites criticize me for being a cultural conservative in the culture war I just laugh and view them as the enemy.

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