Will you fall in love with a robot?

De Gruyter Open Access February 18, 2020:

Falling in love with robots: a phenomenological study of experiencing technological alterities

“I think it is fair to conclude that under the current social and cultural conditions, even if synthetic androids embody all the necessary skills to give us an appearance of a human-like life, it remains difficult to fall in love with them. However, should these conditions change (and I do not see why they wouldn’t), falling in love with synthetic androids might become as normal as it is now with humans. Interestingly, for this to happen it is not so much the case that the androids will have to develop affective subjectivities, but that the societies must change their views on synthetic androids. Social, cultural and institutional support seems to be crucial for the possibility for humans to fall in love with synthetic androids.”

The Guardian:

Chinese man ‘marries’ robot he built himself

Here one sees the connection between woke LGBT and AI robotics. If humans are malleable, and if societies are malleable, as lefty academics claim, then woke LGBT is the precursor to when the postman delivers a mail-order bride at your doorstep. She never gets old. Never gets wrinkles. Can human women compete with that? It depends on anti-aging technologies.

To be honest, if a robot is as amazing as T-900 TOK715 Terminator “Cameron” in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, then the human brain is so primitive that few men will be emotionally able to resist it (over time). That’s the danger of developing robots. Eventually they will appear to be 100% like us, and we will be like them. It’s incrementalism and evolution, to a different brain state of mind. Corporations can earn a lot of money from that, if we don’t stop it.

Societies with a surplus of young men will perhaps give them a Cameron to marry, so that they can be happy and pacified forever after.

Do you want your kid or grandchild to grow up in a society where he or she marries a robot?

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