Robot basketball player never misses the hoop

Pro Robot:

Robot basketball player | NEURALINK and TESLA news | Nano-copter, bots other technology news

The first game of Pong was released in 1972 by Atari. Today we have VR games, and a monkey playing Pong with its brain. It’s therefore only a question of time before robots will outcompete human basketball players, as AlphaGo has already done in Go.

Will NBA order a platoon of woke basketball robots? What race are they? What gender do they have? Lots of smart academics at Western universities will probably work hard to find an answer to these important questions, so that ultra-liberal police can put in jail those who discriminate against robots, the day robots have developed feelings too (according to some AI scientists).

Greater Good Magazine:

Can You Teach a Robot to Love?

“My research at Kyoto University focused on building robots with human-like emotional architecture who learn emotional behavior from the people they interact with, particularly their human caregivers. It offers insights into how we might one day be able to create machines with a full range of emotions comparable to our own.”

To protect their new AI robot society don’t be surprised if crazy corporatists introduce laws that ban hate crime against robots. They have already given personhood to corporations and given citizenship to a robot.

I’m definitely looking forward to when robots can lob grenades with 100% precision, at machine speed. The winner of this grenade-ball game will be the country with the fastest and most robust chips. How is China doing in that department? Pascal Coppens:

The next Silicon Valley is in China — Pascal’s China Lens week 43

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