Some may not like that I defend nationalism, and some may disagree with other values I support, but the overarching cultural idea driving my political activity is pan-conservatism. Because I’m against the libertinism and wokeness of the globalist neoliberal elite. Since these two ultra-liberal ideologies are being spread on a global level one needs a global resistance to stop them. It’s therefore necessary for all conservatives of the world to temporarily “unite” despite our differences. I’m a nationalist, but will cooperate with all conservatives on the planet: in Kenya, Argentina, Indonesia, the US and Germany for example.

Will for instance cooperate with both Russians and Ukrainians or Chinese and Indians. Being diplomatic in the tradition of political realism I will not bring up topics that divide us. Here on I have clearly expressed where I stand personally, but will not focus on that when cooperating with conservatives who in some ways have values very different from my own. Will instead be Churchillian and always say: I have no enemies or friends, only a permanent interest in stopping libertinism and wokeness in the mainstream culture, while not being opposed to these two ultra-liberal lifestyles existing freely in subcultures, under the same rule of law as everyone else in a constitutional democracy.

Neoliberals have an advantage because they basically only care about money and power. They can therefore be extremely pragmatic when creating alliances. Conservatives on the other hand are split into hundreds of ethnic groups with thousands of different ideas about culture, religion and ideology. For example, if I focus too much on defending ethno-nationalism I will naturally alienate all conservatives today who live far away from the original territory of their ancient ancestors. Bringing up ethno-nationalism when cooperating with conservatives from empires can also lead to friction. Neoliberals can exploit such divisions, using the good old strategy of “divide and conquer”.

After having read authoritative books about how the Western intelligence community operates I bet that at least one dude in one of these agencies is already busy smearing me, to make me look unpresentable in the eyes of other conservatives, which is easy enough because I’m an outcast, not your average conservative, since I started out as an anarchist punk in the 1980s and has always been driven primarily by curiosity, exploring a lot of things.

Personal conflicts and infighting are the Achilles’ heel of cultural conservatives. Machiavellian neoliberal globalists love it. Divide and conquer is their specialty.

Emotionally I’m deep down a cultural conservative, but intellectually it’s neurologically impossible for me to avoid open-mindedness. Some conservatives don’t like that. They have their own tribe, their own values and ingroup priorities. I respect that. Only saying that if we conservatives don’t temporarily put our differences aside we’ll all go extinct, because libertine woke Big Tech will then rule the world.

Churchill cooperated with Stalin. I’m a conservative Christian nationalist but will cooperate with conservative Muslims in Norway and Europe, in order to stop libertine woke transhumanism. Ultra-liberal Big Tech is an enemy of humanity because it wants to turn human beings into cyborgs living in a regime of global AI surveillance. Do you want your kids or grandchildren to live in a state where they must have American chips in their brains if they want to be part of “normal” society? No conservative wants that. Both ethno-nationalists and Muslim immigrants in Norway and Europe have an overlapping interest in first stopping woke transhumanism. After we have saved humanity we can go back to fighting over territories.

It’s realistic however that European nationalists and Muslim immigrants will only support a partial truce: cooperating in one area, when it comes to fighting a shared enemy (woke transhumanists), while continuing to attack each other during territorial disputes. This kind of partial truce is common in international politics. China and America are in a new Cold War but still cooperate in an attempt to stop climate changes.

However, I’m only thinking out loud here, just doing a bit of brainstorming when trying to figure out which non-Western groups are the best tactical and temporary partners in the fight against globalized libertine woke surveillance states.

Conservatives in China or Russia may not be the most efficient actors in a global anti-woke alliance, because they are stigmatized in the West. But lefty neoliberals support Muslims, so if Christians and Muslims march together against libertine woke transhumanism it will break the narrative which corporate media feeds common people today.

We can have different opinions about Muslim radicals, but we can all agree that they are not lazy hedonistic cowards. If they begin to focus on neoliberal corporations their energy can be channeled in a positive direction. Of course, I’m here talking about radicals, not violent extremists.

The above is just my 50 cents. I’m not dogmatic about it. Simply presenting it as one possibility among many.

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