How to detect biased information (propaganda)

Propaganda is most effective when it’s very subtle. Some may think that DSI is pro-CCP or pro-Putin if they don’t recognize that my position is Churchillian: an enemy of my enemy is a “friend”. Churchill was willing to cooperate with Stalin to defeat Hitler. Similarly, it’s elementary political realism from a conservative perspective to tactically and temporarily “cooperate” with any group, nation or empire willing to stop global libertine wokeness spread by ultra-liberals in the West. But even though I’m a pan-conservative, i.e. a supporter of almost all conservative traditions around the world, including in China and in Russia, it does not mean that I support the oppressive aspects of authoritarian regimes.

When CCP stands up to woke and libertine United Coasts of America (UCA) I “support” that, in the same way that if a car is speeding toward me I will be happy if a big rock falls down on the road, forcing the car to stop. It doesn’t mean that I support the rock. Rocks falling down on roads are dangerous. Empires and authoritarian regimes are dangerous. But if non-woke and non-libertine China stands in the way of ultra-liberal UCA, then I’m not unhappy about it. Will not deny however that if China becomes the dominant superpower it will be very problematic indeed.

Furthermore, it’s understandable that many unemployed people in America are angry at China because of outsourcing. They have an interest in painting a very dark picture of China, in order to get their jobs back. That picture is accurate in many cases. As a nationalist I support the liberation of Tibet and Xinjiang, but view the situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan as an internal conflict between different groups of Han people.

The nationalist position described above is based on principles. It’s very different from the biased and sometimes interesting information presented by channels such as The Geopolitics in Conflict Show and Difference Frames the World:

How Diplomatic Snubs Highlight Frayed China-US Relations!!!

China Teaches The US To Treat Other Countries Equally

I am biased too, of course, but in an unusual way. Being a gamer I will “support” any nation, including China or Nigeria for that matter, if it creates a non-woke MMORPG that is better than Elder Scrolls Online. Being disillusioned and cynical I now support the nation that sings like Robbie Williams: Let me entertain you, as long as it’s not woke, not libertine. If UCA changes its ultra-liberal entertainment policy I go back to supporting them.

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