How Russia can keep up with Coastal America in the semiconductor war

Have earlier claimed that United Coasts of America (UCA) will probably win the chip war because their libertine woke culture attracts many computer geeks, especially those indoctrinated thoroughly in the woke US education system.

As ‘Woke’ Criticism Grows, Pentagon Says ‘No Apologies’ for Diversity Programs

“He said the department is focused on defending the nation, adding that doing so means creating an environment where talented people feel comfortable working.”

To prevent libertine woke AI transhumanism from ruling the world it is necessary that all culturally conservative nations and empires stop fighting each other and instead keep focus on defeating the global tech empire of UCA. Russia and China should therefore cooperate when developing chips. Following the logic of the power of balance it’s elementary that Russia and China should not let UCA divide them. Foreign Affairs:

The Right Way to Split China and Russia

Russia is obviously aware that cooperation with UCA is a road that will eventually lead to surrendering sovereignty (as in the 1990s). TASS:

Nuclear disarmament should be linked to control over new types of weapons — Gorbachev

“”Let me remind you of another provision of the joint Soviet-US statement adopted at the 1985 Geneva summit: the parties will not seek military superiority. Today it is particularly relevant. Imagine that the world will get rid of nuclear weapons in ten or fifteen years. What will be left? Piles of conventional weapons, including the newest types, often comparable in power to weapons of mass destruction. And the lion’s share of them is in the hands of a single country, the United States, which thus gains superiority on the global stage. Such a situation will block the path towards nuclear disarmament,” he wrote in the article entitled To Understand Perestroika and Defend New Thinking published in the Russia in Global Affairs magazine on Monday.”

For those claiming that it’s wrong to tactically “support” Communist China let me say one thing: Churchill cooperated with Stalin in order to stop Hitler. China is 1984, probably genocidal too, but the regime is anti-woke, anti-libertine, pro-nationalism and pro-traditionalism, so from a conservative perspective it’s slightly better if China wins Cold War 2, because it’s 100% certain that cultural conservatism will eventually be totally dead if ultra-liberal UCA rules the world. Ethically, however, this is a choice between plague or cholera. But as long as cultural conservatives in the US don’t take back America there is little doubt that a very old nation like China is better than UCA from a purely aesthetic and cultural perspective.

Some may say it’s unfair to compare China and UCA, since the former has a more abusive domestic system. But the US got the largest amount of prisoners in the world. New York had in 2021 more surveillance cameras per square mile than Beijing. And what do you think will happen to human dissidents if or when UCA get absolute AI cyborg power? Just look at authoritarian France and militarized Australia today…

Torture in Abu Ghraib. Guantanamo. Illegal renditions to black sites. Extrajudicial killings of American citizens. FBI entrapment. Millions of dead in failed wars. Read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, and Spies for Hire by Tim Shorrock.

Ethically speaking the UCA will only be “better” than China in the future if it actually manages to create a Brave New World as described by Huxley, but we might get a very brutal tech nightmare instead. Cultural conservatism will be dead on a global level in either case if UCA achieves AI supremacy first. At least China will not be woke, not libertine (if it follows today’s policies).

Russia is not as rich as China but it has a few advantages that will perhaps be enough to attract the most talented AI engineers. The first advantage is location. Russia is close to Western Europe. If you want to protect your children and grandchildren during an era of global warming it’s probably a good choice to settle down in northern Russia. If I had been young today I would have moved to Russia, not only because of its rich culture. Russia has the most beautiful women in the world, so if I had wanted to create a family (instead of living voluntarily as an outcast) I would have learned Russian and moved east. Very generally speaking: computer geniuses with Asperger’s might actually like the relatively honest and straightforward way of communication in Russia.

Highly talented chip engineers can literally save Russia. It’s therefore natural if Russia treats them as heroes. They may not earn as much as they could have done in China. Russia, however, can make up for it by offering them cool experiences. Let them fly a jet fighter once a week. Four times a month let them experience weightlessness during parabolic flights. Take them to the Moon. In each of their mansions install an indoor vertical wind tunnel used by skydivers. Treat them almost like royalty. Which they deserve if they actually save Russia and prevent it from being conquered by foreign superior AI.

Famous people are a dime a dozen in America. Young computer geeks today will always drown in that crowd.

First live in Kaliningrad or St. Petersburg, then Murmansk when things get too hot because of climate changes. There are wildfires in Russia too, but the country is so large and with areas far north that one can get away from it.

Alaska can compete with northern Russia, but it may get overcrowded during climate changes because of overpopulation in America.

Western UCA is full of drought and wildfires. Eastern UCA is full of crime or riots. A woke Asperger working for Big Tech can’t live in the middle of America without being hated by common people. If a nerd wants to be accepted by average citizens, real human beings, don’t live in the artificial “safe spaces” aka kindergarten cities of Big Tech UCA. An Asperger who helps save Russia will be a hero there, respected by common people. That’s real life, outside the greenhouse (social safe zone) offered by Pentagon Big Tech.

UCA in general is a hot spot for all kinds of domestic and foreign attacks. Who needs that?

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