The self-defeating strategy of the LGBT lobby

LGBT is a minority that is not content with being a minority. They want to become mainstream. Why? Because they want to be accepted by the majority. But here is some very old news for you: the majority, aka the 80 percenters, are a silent majority. They are sheep. In other words, they are passive and harmless. They basically don’t care whether you are LGBT or not, as long as you leave them alone. So converting them to accepting LGBT is kind of pointless, since they are basically neutral anyway. Of course, they are sheep, so they will reflect the opinions and attitudes of their leaders. They will listen to people who are politically active. Roughly 20 percent of the population are more or less politically active. 10 % are leftwing, and 10% are rightwing. The sheep notice what they have to say, and fall in line, in order to follow sheepishly their own left- or rightwing tribe (herd).

What LGBT people should worry about is the rightwing 10 % who are assertive, who dare to speak up in public. Why worry about them? Because if 10% of the population is openly hostile to wokeness, it means that one out of every ten citizens will be hostile to LGBT. So, if LGBT wants a “safe space” in mainstream society they will never get it when they know that 1 of 10 persons they meet will be angry at them.

The LGBT lobby will argue that “We can just use the top-down power of corporations and governments to censor and silence the rightwing 10%”. But that is not working now that rightwing people are building their own communication networks. Censoring them will only make them more angry at LGBT.

Escalating the culture war will per definition never bring peace to the LGBT community. Rightwing people are naturally tribalists, so we can continue a tribal fight forever. It’s energizing. Tribalism however is not a good thing if you belong to the liberal Enlightenment tradition. It’s therefore self-defeating and kind of self-contradictory when LGBT contributes to a tribal culture war.

The last fifty years I have never been anti-LGBT as such. For example, I consider Chelsea Manning to be a hero, and often refer to Glenn Greenwald here on Since I’m a cultural conservative however I’m against that any minority subculture, rightwing or leftwing, becomes part of the mainstream culture of moderate liberalism and moderate conservatism. I’m therefore anti-woke, i.e. opposed to elites who want to push LGBT into mainstream society.

Being a conservative Christian it’s obvious that LGBT is not my thing. Demanding that I like LGBT is like demanding that I eat pea soup. I’m not anti-“pea soup”. If you want to eat it, go ahead. But don’t call me a bigot when I say that I personally don’t like it. If you try to force me to eat it, then you are an authoritarian, and I will fight you.

Elder Scrolls Online for example is a mainstream game that suddenly forced all players to accept LGBT content in the game. They simply disrespected the values of conservative gamers (in the East) who had invested a lot of time and money in the game in the years prior to when ESO became totally woke in 2016. Since the developers of ESO have ruined my favorite game I will make it my new game to mobilize the rightwing 10% against LGBT. Just to prove that propaganda in mainstream entertainment is counterproductive.

You can ban me from all social media. I don’t care. You can also ban me from your woke online games. I don’t care. Because networking is best done through other channels, and my new game, my new source of adrenaline, is the culture war.

A bit similar to the insurgency in Iraq , which defeated the US, it will not be necessary for conservatives to win the culture war. We only have to prevent that woke people get the power to stop this culture war of attrition. LGBT will never have peace (of mind) as long as this war continues. As long as this war continues it will not be possible for LGBT people to use force and manipulation (propaganda) to get other citizens to like them. Even in a silenced and censored crowd they can never know which citizens belongs to the 10% that now only have contempt for pushy, in-your-face authoritarian LGBT. You can’t force people to like you.

LGBT may “win” in the long run, but the victory will be pyrrhic. Because they will need an authoritarian surveillance state in order to oppress the rightwing 10%. The only winners are the intelligence-industrial complex. Machiavellians in that complex should buy people like me a drink because we increase their budgets. We give them a game to play: the so-called “Great Game” of international politics. We can have fun with that. I doubt that LGBT will enjoy it. So, maybe returning to a constitutional democracy of moderate liberality and moderate conservatism, free of propaganda in entertainment, and free from mass surveillance, with no culture war, is better for all of us?

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