Snowden: UK surveillance law more extreme than similar laws in Russia and China

A talk by Snowden gets interesting at 03:42 – 04:55.

URGENT!| Edward Snowden 2021 This should NEVER EXIST( NEW)

I have not published this video to downplay the immorality of authoritarian regimes like Russia and China. Two wrongs don’t make a right. So this isn’t whataboutism. Corporate news however are full of everything bad done by China and Russia, and that’s why I try to provide some balance when also pointing out the evilness of libertine woke elites ruling the West.

You only need to take a look at what Putin did in Chechnya and how Xi treated people during lockdowns in Wuhan to know that authoritarian regimes are dangerous. But while you should always keep this in mind don’t forget the dangerous policies of neoliberals and neocons in the US and EU. They have been (partly) responsible for torture and the deaths of millions of people around the world, in Chile, Iraq, Libya and in many other poor countries under the boot of Western corporations working together with corrupt domestic dictators all over the planet.

Remember what Clinton and Madeleine Albright did to children in Iraq? Today, in 2021, we can tragically observe a new authoritarian France, a militarized Australia, and a US president breaking the law, ignoring the Supreme Court.

Don’t forget all the products we buy from China and Russia. Western high-tech lifestyles today are intertwined with the empires in the East. Nobody is innocent here. GEOPOP:

The Fragility of Global Supply Chains | Ross Kennedy

When all of today’s four empires on Earth are morally very bad it makes relative sense that cultural conservatives prefer non-libertine and non-woke Russia/China when judging the situation from a purely aesthetic and cultural perspective. This is just as logical and natural as when supporters of libertinism and wokeness prefer two other empires instead: ultra-liberal US and EU.

Culturally conservative nationalists will nevertheless criticize all empires, no matter what, since ethno-nationalism is an anti-imperial ideology per definition.

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