How China can win the semiconductor war

United Coasts of America (UCA) may use wokeness to attract highly talented chip engineers from all over the world, but China can compete with that if always offering five or ten times more money than Big Tech pays computer geniuses in America. If China pays in gold, stored in a neutral third country, they may get the best chip engineers if treating them as rock stars, each with an annual salary of $100 million. If spending $700 billion, roughly the same as the annual US military budget, China can get 700 of the world’s most talented chip engineers to work ten years on closing the gap between China and UCA.

China may get money for R&D by selling 28nm and 14nm chips. Total Telecom:

China set for a front seat in the global semiconductor market – TT speaks with Strategy Analytics

So maybe libertine wokeness is not the path to UCA victory after all, especially if the dollar goes south and the ultra-liberal elites in UCA continue the divisive culture war in the West, a war that may lead to surprising consequences in the future.

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