Phase 3 of DSI

After the paradigm shift on (DSI) there is time for a new change.

The two earlier paradigms are still valid, depending on your viewpoint. But my new perspective is as follows:

Ideally I will always support a Jeffersonian democracy, without any mass surveillance, and this attitude represents the first paradigm of DSI.

The second paradigm is a result of disillusionment. It very reluctantly admits the fact that one probably can’t stop today’s mass surveillance based on AI robots and drones, but it looks at the bright side: in a distant future we may one day see the creation of NZI.

The third paradigm recognizes that if NZI is ever created, it will be in a very distant future. In the meanwhile it’s boring and meaningless to be a conservative in a libertine woke society. But each time one encounters libertinism and wokeness one can get a kick out of trying to combat it, despite the apparent hopelessness of resisting the current ultra-liberal regime in the West. Mass surveillance is probably unstoppable, unless there is a nasty pandemic or major intercontinental war destroying almost everything, but conservatives can get some fun, excitement and “entertainment” when participating in the culture war (out of spite). We are entering very turbulent times. Conservatives might therefore get lucky and suddenly find themselves in a situation where it’s possible to win the culture war. This tribal war is energizing, so why not participate in it? Especially now that conservatives have no entertainment, since almost all movies, tv series and games in the West are libertine or woke. Another option is to fight as long as possible and then retreat to a conservative non-Western country.

Since it now appears that the only choice we have is between 1) a libertine woke surveillance regime in the West, and 2) more culturally conservative surveillance regimes in the East, it’s logical and natural that cultural conservatives prefer 2), without hiding all its ethical drawbacks.

The third paradigm of DSI is therefore to have no friends or enemies, only a permanent interest in preventing that libertinism and wokeness enter mainstream cultures, though these two ultra-liberal ideologies can exist freely in subcultures of course. Following in the pragmatic footsteps of Churchill I will therefore cooperate with any conservative group that shares the same permanent interest, be it in Hungary, Poland and Serbia or in Russia, China, Iran or in Orthodox Jewish enclaves in Israel and other places.

During the Cold War the capitalist elites in the West had to treat common people in a good way, to prevent that many of them became supporters of Communism. The latter is no longer a threat, but Western ultra-liberal elites still fear nationalism in the East and South. To put pressure on these elites it’s therefore wise to cooperate with culturally conservative nationalists all over the world. Show ultra-liberal elites that if Western countries don’t return to moderate conservatism and moderate liberality within constitutional democracies free of mass surveillance then we tactically and temporarily join nationalists in the East and South, according to the logic that an enemy of my enemy is a “friend”.

Will still criticize surveillance and present news about drones and AI, but more than in the past the focus will be on the culture war, partly because much surveillance is related to the war between rightwing populists and woke globalist elites.

More than ever the underlying motivation driving DSI will be purely “for love of the game”, to get some excitement out of throwing obstacles in front of libertine woke missionaries. They will perhaps stop the continued existence of moderate cultural conservatism, but we can thwart their “utopia” too, so that they only get a pyrrhic victory: woke neo-Titoism, a form of authoritarianism, in a society where all citizens are miserable or zombies, except the elite of Machiavellians and computer geeks on the Asperger spectrum.

Categories on the right side of the website begin with “#3” when containing articles that are written from the perspective of the third paradigm.

For more info please read:

Snowden: UK surveillance law more extreme than similar laws in Russia and China

Russia pretty nice if you are culturally conservative

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