In which degree is the online manipulative influence of Russia and China a myth?

China Unscripted warns against Beijing’s divisive online meddling:

Why China Wants to Put Rocket Fuel on US Culture Wars | China Unscripted

There is also a phenomenon called “click farms”. Wikipedia:

Click Farm

Of course China, Russia and America are all meddling in each others’ affairs. But the US got the best software and best CPUs, so in general one can assume that America is better at tricky meddling than other weaker powers. China and Russia are nevertheless doing their best to be equally Machiavellian. After all, the conflict between empires can be compared to a war between mafia families. But sometimes these families find it to be in their own self-interest to cooperate. Anyway, let’s be anecdotal:

My websites and engagement on alternative social media (Minds, Gab and Parler) consist of articles that very clearly point out the fact that no “rational dialogue” and no amount of “scientific facts” can by themself reduce the intensity of the culture war, because this war is not caused by misinformation, irrationality or unenlightenment. It’s caused by a real clash of values, a crash of interests. Moderate cultural conservatives will never accept that libertinism and wokeness shifts from being free subcultures to becoming part of the mainstream culture. There will be a war over this if ultra-liberals don’t return to the moderate liberality of John Lock and John Stuart Mill. Consequently, if China and Russia wanted to pour gasoline on the culture war one might assume they would have used a click farm to give my sites a ton of visitors. After all, they are fully aware of what I’m writing. But as mentioned several times earlier, since February approximately the number of visitors to have dropped to 0-7 a day, usually around 2-3, if the numbers on my screen are correct. In other words, I’m so disappointed and heartbroken by China’s and Russia’s click farms! Where are they when I need them? Why can’t they help me too? Instead I’m almost all alone in my forgotten corner of cyberspace.

To make things worse I just got an email from Minds saying my account has been banned because of spamming. But in a long time I have only posted two messages, one yesterday and another the day before that. Maybe it was hackers in Russia or China who tried to help me with spamming these two articles? But, darn, it got me banned! Seriously, if anti-Western empires are going to use me as an unwitting proxy in the great culture war, then please do it professionally enough to avoid that I get kicked from alternative social media.

The morale of this muzzled caterwauling post is that patriotic rebels cannot rely on social media. It’s better to do old-fashioned political work and build networks by establishing direct contact with other resistance fighters, meeting face to face, or maybe use Matrix for example, if you dare. The Hated One:

How to choose the most secure messaging app | Private messenger tutorial

But trust nobody online. Maybe The Hated One is FBI? The IC goes to extraordinary lengths to trick people. Here is one example, presented by LA Times:

FBI-run messaging app tricks gangs, leads to hundreds of arrests in global sting

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