Liberal individualistic multiculturalism can easily lead to wokeness or balkanization in times of crisis

Tim Pool appears to be an unintentinonal supporter of crypto-wokeness when claiming here (0:24:52 – 0:26:03) that nationalism is “weird”, because he seems to hide the fact that the liberal individualistic multiracial society he supports can naturally lead to some kind of wokeness if things go relatively bad in (almost) any democracy based (partly) on mass immigration.

To be precise, Tim says that repatriation is weird, but that is the same as claiming that nationalism is weird, since you can’t logically be a nationalist if you are opposed to repatriation.

Nationalism means that an ethnic group has full self-determination within the borders of its own nation state. This autonomy logically includes the right to repatriate foreigners, per definition, because an ethnic group within its own state will otherwise not have the right to self-determination (sovereignty).

You don’t have a right to private property if you lack the right to evict someone from that property. The same logic applies to national property rights, even when anti-nationalists (subversive elements) have said to foreigners in the past that they can become citizens within a nation state.

If you reject repatriation after a period of mass immigration, then you accept multiculturalism, an ideology which is the opposite of nationalism. Multiculturalism and nationalism can’t both co-exist as the ruling ideology within a state.

Nationalism is one of the main ideologies of the world, so calling it “weird” is a statement one can’t take seriously. Anyone claiming that nationalism is “far right” have moved the Overton window so many degrees to the liberal left that the outlook is very biased and skewed.

Tribality and ethno-centricity have been the most common way of life through human history. From a historic viewpoint, and especially a pre-historic perspective, it’s liberal individualistic multiculturalism that’s unusual and “weird”.

Multi-ethnic empires since the Ice Age have been few (and weak and decentralized) compared to the prevalence of tribes. So, when Northern European nations or pan-ethnic groups have had cultures which have lasted 1-2 millennia (or more) why should patriotic conservatives accept (intercontinental) multiculturalism that is not older than 30-50 years?

Nationalists have the last fifty years always been opposed to the mass immigration policies of socialists and neoliberal corporatists. Nationalists are simply not allowed by their own ideology to recognize the citizenship given to immigrants in a multicultural society created by leftwing internationalists and global capitalists. Repatriation is therefore natural if nationalists get power again in Europe. But moderate nationalists will give immigrants 5 or 10 years to relocate back to their own home countries. Smart nationalists will also support global economic justice, because that will reduce migration and motivate immigrants to freely move back to their own countries of origin.

When it comes to refugees from war zones that would not have been a problem if they actually left after five or ten years, but the Left supports that they stay forever. Nationalists have therefore stopped trusting the refugee policies of socialists and neoliberals.

Nationalists often support the school of political realism. It’s unrealistic to demand that citizens in a nuclear empire like the US should give Native Americans their land back and repatriate to Europe, Africa and Asia. Nationalists will instead support cultural conservative elements within an empire, be it WASP in the US, Voodoo in the South/Caribbean, and Confucianism in China, for example.

Digression: being a Christian I don’t support Voodoo of course, just mention it as a syncretic faith that has now become a slightly old conservative tradition, in the sense that Voodoo is distinct from many other belief systems.

One can get the impression that Tim is crypto-woke because 1) he sometimes appears rightwing though he’s actually part of the melting pot Establishment in America, and 2) he doesn’t point out the close connection between his own multiculturalism and wokeness. Tim supports individualistic multiculturalism. Woke people defends collectivistic or ghettofied multiculturalism: China Town, Little Italy and other “segregated” areas. Wokeness is just a multi-ethnic society on steroids, a “tribal” mindset that can pop up during bad times (unless suppressed by some version of imperialism or Titoism).

Why does wokeness emerge from a liberal individualistic multiracial democracy? Because human beings behave like herd animals. They are not true individualists. They think hierarchically. A liberal society however will have many educated persons (academics and journalists) who will try to oppose or criticize power, since they want to protect weak individuals and defend the constitutional rights of the minority (against oppressive majority rule). Wokeness will therefore appear if:

1) a liberal multi-ethnic society begins to run out of jobs and resources,

2) economic inequality is very visible,

3) the original dominating ethnic group in a society is about to lose its majority status compared to the population size of all the state’s ethnic minorities combined,

4) a vocal elite decides to use the top-down power of mass media, the education system and the entertainment industry to push minority values into the mainstream culture of the now weakened (former) majority.

5) vocal elites in weaker states that are dependent on an empire like America decide to copy the new woke culture in that empire.

America today is living proof that a multicultural society is not stable. The individualism of libertarians is a myth, a pipe dream, unfortunately. Common people and their elites are not freethinkers like Tim Pool and myself. I’m an outcast. But if everybody lived like me society would fall apart. I therefore support nationalism as an ideology for common people. Nevertheless find it entertaining to learn things from individuals like Tim partly because we both support constitutional democracies. Tim is a multi-ethnic constitutionalist. I’m a nationalistic constitutionalist. The Norwegian constitution is inspired by the American constitution, and I will never forget that America helped nationalists in their fight to liberate Europe from Nazi imperialism during WW2, so will never be anti-America no matter how much I criticize certain aspects of the cultures in the US.


Tim Pool now says clearly that he is a social/centrist liberal:

Biden And BLM Support TANKING, Americans Are Fed Up With Leftist Politics From Democrats

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