Military against Australian citizens: blood in the water, smell the fear


Covid in Sydney: Military deployed to help enforce lockdown

Sydney Criminal Lawyers:

Paris Prescribes Prison for the Unvaccinated

By overreacting to Covid, Australia and France have proven that grey-zone bioterrorism or grey-zone biowarfare can be an effective method against decadent and spineless “democracies” in the West.

Grey-zone biological warfare/terrorism is the spread of a disease that’s not very lethal but with a death rate sufficient to destroy economies over time, especially in countries that are politically divided (because of wokeness for example).

The WW2 generation sacrificed millions to protect liberty and democracy. The Cold War generation said “Better Dead than Red” and risked global nuclear war (in 1962) to defend democracy and freedom. But today we see a cowardly “hippie generation” + alphabet generations (X, Y, Z) being so fearful that they are willing to throw liberty and democracy overboard in countries like France and Australia just to stop a disease that is far less deadly than Smallpox or Ebola. This sends a signal to enemies of democracy that grey-zone biological warfare/terrorism is effective.

Delta is (probably) a naturally occurring variant, but new variants will perhaps be created by enemies of today’s libertine woke societies in the West, after seeing how spoiled and scared Westerners react to Covid.

I thought Australians were a rugged people. But they have become weak and decadent. They are not like the generation who said: keep calm and carry on. China must be laughing at them.

Australia and France have become a disgrace, not worthy of calling themselves free democracies. They totally disrespect the sacrifices made by earlier generations.

Spoiled and decadent corporatists who control high-tech military power are very dangerous people. They create a petty tyranny of drones and surveillance in order to control people. The only winners are the 1% of Machiavellians without empathy and those Aspergers who are without sufficient empathy (Elon Musk and many others on the autism spectrum in Silicon Valley, cf NeuroTribes by Silberman). Everybody else who supports today’s libertine woke society will at best only get a pyrrhic victory in a situation of culture war and grey-zone pandemics. In other words, average supporters of libertinism and wokeness may win this war but at the cost of losing freedom and democracy.

It’s therefore wise to restore a non-woke society of moderate liberality and moderate conservatism, in the tradition of John Stuart Mill and Edmund Burke. A society with some of the Spartan and stoic ideals of earlier generations.

Here’s how to resist the new authoritarianism of states like France and Australia:

France wants to jail unvaccinated. Call their bluff!

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