ID theft in online debates is a form of censorship, a violation of free political speech


My identity is being actively stolen by reactionary cyberstalkers

Even in a war, or especially in a war, it’s crucial that the identity of leaders in that war is not stolen during communication. Because it can literally lead to WW3 in a worst case scenario. Imagine deep fakes during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962…

As a cultural conservative I support that mainstream entertainment is either censored or made in different versions, so that woke people, libertarians and cultural conservatives can buy a version in harmony with their own values, but I’m against censorship of politically relevant speech.

Big Tech social media should either allow all political speech or we should shut down all Big Tech social media.

On the other hand, we all know that the Internet is a paradise for criminals and it’s also a cyberwar zone. NonCompete is therefore very naive when being upset about what happened to them. If you use the Internet you should have a stoic attitude toward everything that might happen to you. It’s like walking into a bad neighborhood at night. Personally I have a very “Zen” attitude toward 1) my online writings being destroyed, 2) my accounts and computers being hacked, 3) my identity being stolen, and 4) my reputation being totally destroyed. 1-4 is nothing compared to war. 1-4 are also irrelevant from a spiritual non-worldly perspective. But if individuals have power, instead of being a nobody like me, then it can potentially lead to war if they become victims of ID theft and deep fakes etc during a violent conflict.

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