How to get conservatives to take the corona vaccine and/or respect environmentalism

The elites ruling the West just have to say to conservatives:

If we remove all wokeness and all libertinism from the mainstream cultures of each state in the West, are you conservatives then willing to take vaccines and/or support environmentalism?

If some conservatives hesitate (because of entrenched tribalism), say to them: “You obviously don’t care much about your own conservative culture if you rather have wokeness in mainstream cultures than take a vaccine or protect the environment”.

If the American entertainment industry, especially Elder Scrolls Online, creates a version of each movie, tv series and online game so that this version is in harmony with cultural conservatism, as explained here, then I will not only take the vaccine (despite having had Covid last year) but also help to promote environmentalism and the vaccine in conservative segments of society.

But I will bet a hundred bucks that the ruling elites in America and Europe are not willing to accept this kind of political horse trading. They appear willing to defend wokeness and libertinism almost no matter what, even at the expense of environmentalism and full vaccination of all citizens. This proves that they don’t take environmentalism and vaccines seriously. So, why should conservatives take it seriously?

Environmental destruction and chaos caused by pandemics weaken the democratic power and/or legitimacy of woke transhumanist elites. It’s therefore in the interest of cultural conservatives to support this destruction if that is the only way to get rid of libertine wokeness in mainstream societies. But if today’s elites return to the moderate liberality of John Stuart Mill, the result is that libertinism and wokeness are removed from mainstream cultures, while existing freely in subcultures, making it unnecessary for conservatives to support drastic measures in the culture war.

Today’s ultra-liberal elites rather introduce mass surveillance and imprison conservatives instead of accepting a compromise. They are not the good guys.

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