Why disgust is a more dangerous factor in Europe than in America

Disgust neutralizes empathy. Disgust therefore often plays a part in genocides, as seen in WW2 and Rwanda when people were dehumanized as rats, lice and cockroaches.

The US has the last fifty years been a sleazy melting pot, more or less, especially since cable television became very popular in the 2000s, so people there are already habituated to being vulgar and sex-fixated. Everybody living in America are also ethno-imperialists: immigrants living on stolen land. Much of the “culture war” in the US is actually not about culture but instead an ideological fight over which political rights and “abstract” institutional principles should govern America. It’s (mainly) an ideological war between capitalistic individualism and leftwing corporate collectivism.

The characteristics of the ideological war in America means that corporations there can probably safely support that LGBT becomes more visible in mainstream US society as long as these corporations distance themselves from companies or persons involved in criminal ultra-libertinism. In other words, given the vulgar melting pot culture of modern America it’s less likely that people will react violently to the woke LGBT policies of leftwing corporations such as Amazon. Trump for example supports LGBT. A corporation like Amazon probably just has to drop all links to criminal ultra-libertinism to avoid disgust-motivated violence against it in America.

Some pockets of Christians or Muslims in America can react violently to LGBT if pushed too far, but this is not a nationwide problem in modern US today (unless WMDs are used by religious fanatics).

The situation is different in Europe. Nationalism – and not just civic “patriotism” – is still strong in European countries. LGBT can exist freely as a subculture within a moderate nation state, but if leftwing corporations and neoliberal governments try to use their top-down power to spread LGBT in the mainstream cultures of European states, then it will violate one of the core values of nationalism: the traditional institution of family life. This violation, and the presence of nationalism in general, implies that if LGBT is pushed into the mainstream cultures of Europe the risk of a violent reaction to wokeness is relatively high even if corporations have distanced themselves from disgusting ultra-libertinism.


Civic nationalism

“Civic nationhood is a political identity built around shared citizenship within the state. Thus, a “civic nation” is defined not by language or culture but by political institutions and liberal principles, which its citizens pledge to uphold. Membership in the civic nation is open to anyone who shares those values.”

Civic “patriotism” is fake nationalism. “Civic nationalism” is a concept designed by liberal academics who want to borrow the authority of real nationalism in order to get common people to buy their liberal principles. The concept is just a marketing ploy, because all you get is liberalism.

The “culture war” in civic patriotic America is very visible now, and one might get the (false) impression that the US will one day become two countries because of it. But if wokeness continues to spread to nationalistic Europe the result can be much more dividing and dangerous than the current situation in the US. For more on this check out:

European Patriot Wars

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