China’s nuke video can prevent a repeat of happy-go-lucky July 1914

Sky News:

CCP sanctioned video threatens China will nuke Japan in a ‘full-scale war’

In Washington it’s to my knowledge only Kissinger who today is old enough to have participated in WW2. Most other politicians there are part of the hippie generation or younger. (Almost) none of them have been in a real war against a peer power. So while the earlier generation of politicians respected the nuclear risk if interfering too much when the Soviet Union occupied other countries in its “sphere of interest” it’s actually necessary and a “good” thing in 2021 that China reminds the West about what is at stake if they interfere in the civil war between Han Chinese in China/Taiwan. If China had not warned Japan now we might have “sleepwalked” into a conventional war that quickly escalated to WW3.

I’m a white-skinned nationalist, i.e. an anti-imperialist, so the dark side of me find it amusing to watch how an old empire stands up to the original high-tech empire. Can I write a review of this fight on Rotten Tomatoes?

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