Multicultural Britain wants to sentence journalists as the equivalent of spies if spreading leaked information

The Guardian:

How a proposed secrecy law would recast journalism as spying

“Initial proposals by the commission in 2017 did not attract much attention until an article in The Register, the online technology publication, told readers that “proposals in the UK for a swingeing new Espionage Act that could jail journalists as spies have been developed in haste by legal advisers”. The article pointed out that the proposals would put leaking and whistleblowing in the same category as spying for foreign powers – and that leakers and journalists could face the same extended jail sentences as foreign agents. Sentences would apply even if – like Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning – the leaker was not British, nor in Britain, or was acting in the public interest.” (…)

“Maximum prison sentences that could be imposed on publishers or sources – currently two years under the Official Secrets Act for unauthorised disclosures – would be multiplied to an unspecified higher level. …”

“Responses to the new proposals are being sought by 22 July. If editors and journalists and advocates of an open society do not highlight the dangers and call a halt, the current gung-ho, authoritarian approach of the government could allow press freedom to be clamped into silence.”

Neoliberal multiculturalism isn’t exactly “flower power” …

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