Famous pollster F. Luntz on how entertainment controls the thinking of common people

Culture is pop culture. The latter has to a very large degree become entertainment: pop music, movies and online games. When pop culture is infected by libertine woke propaganda it leads to a culture war because rightwing people deeply reject it on a visceral level. This culture war causes balkanization, which tempts corporate elites to rely on mass surveillance to keep Western countries together. If you think I exaggerate the role and impact of entertainment listen to what Luntz says in this video here at 16:13 – 16:50.

You may disagree with Luntz but what he says reflects what many rightwing people think about politicized entertainment. This perception, right or wrong, must be addressed, because it’s part of the culture war. But there is so much distrust now between ultra-liberals and (moderate) conservatives that probably the only way to solve the problem is to remove all left- and rightwing minority politics from mainstream pop culture while letting these minorities have subcultural freedom inside a constitutional democracy where all (native) citizens have exactly the same judicial rights and legal protections under the rule of law.

Clarification: I put the word “native” in a parenthesis because nation states and multicultural democracies have two different concepts of citizenship. A true nation state will reject mass immigration and only allow that a small number of foreigners become citizens. This is not “racism”. It’s elementary nationalism.

40 years ago it would have been unacceptable if 500 000 Germans for example had lived in Norway, but in 2020 you are a bigot if not accepting that we had 997 942 immigrants, which is almost 20% of the entire population of 5 367 580 in Norway (2020).

If you look at the linked article in the last paragraph above it says in green that the number of immigrants is 800 094. Below that you see the real number: 997 942.

I remember in the late 1980s or early 1990s when people dismissed it as silly and unrealistic that Norway would ever have one million immigrants. But now we see the result of deceptive woke corporate incrementalism.

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