Drones dropping tear gas canisters, and kamikaze drones in Gaza streets

An unknown source called U.S. Military Central has the following video that becomes interesting at 03:13 – 03:44.

Turkish drones: Cheap and best?

TRT World – some commentators especially in the West calls it a mouthpiece or propaganda arm of the Erdoğan administration in Turkey – has this report:

Israel’s autonomous ‘robo-snipers’ and suicide drones raise ethical dilemma

By the way, Turkey is not woke, so from a culturally conservative viewpoint I’m not biased against the Erdoğan administration.


‘Precise’ strikes: Fractured Bodies, Fractured Lives

“According to the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, drones were estimated to account for 37% of Palestinian fatalities during Operation Protective Edge; of the approximately 2,100 Palestinians killed during the offensive, 70% had allegedly not taken part in the fighting, including 519 minors. A 2019 Lancet study of 254 patients with traumatic amputations in Gaza found that drone attacks were the most common cause of their injury, and that these injuries tended to be more severe than those caused by explosive weapons from other sources (e.g. tanks). The study concluded:

“Our finding of a high prevalence of drone-related amputations compared with amputations caused by other explosive weapons challenges the claim that armed drones minimise so-called collateral damage. On the contrary, we found that attacks by armed drones were associated with extensive traumatic injuries among Palestinians in Gaza, and that the injuries were of significantly higher severity, and added substantially to an already overstretched local health-care system than the injuries caused by other explosive weapons.”

I support all small ethnic nation states in principle and therefore also support Israel. Believe for example that it should keep the West Bank and the Golan Heights, plus have its capital in Jerusalem, but will not deny reports about human right abuses, no matter which country is guilty of such crimes.

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