Why shadow banning is great

Freedom of reach through social media only appears to be crucial if you have fallen into the trap of wasting time and energy on getting support from the “silent majority”, the 80 percenters who are sheep. It’s better to reach out directly to the remaining 20% who are active organizing things in the political sphere. This can be done via email, phone calls, video conferences and meetings face to face. I’ll rather have fifty or hundred political activists in a Signal or Matrix chat room than ten thousand passive followers on mainstream social media platforms.

While Youtubers like Krystal and Saagar are doing a great job providing very important “infotainment” (aka journalism) it’s essential to always remember simple facts about how corporations and politicians get power. Are they using eight hours a day on harvesting millions of likes on Facebook? No. They are primarily organizing new projects together with other elites. Old-fashioned and boring organizational work and traditional meetings are still the backbone of politics if you want power.

It’s true that control of social media can determine the outcome of political elections in swing states, but political sales pitches on Facebook will not get politicians anywhere if they don’t have reasonably credible projects to offer common people: infrastructure, healthcare, a well-functioning military etc. The same dynamic applies to small and big businesses.

When corporations ban rightwing people from social media it can force them to do some actual political work in real life. National elections can be won if a party has many skilled organizers and politicians on the smallest local level all over the country.

But little or nothing will happen if alternative social media like Gab only serves as a pressure relief valve, a place where people can endlessly vent their frustrations instead of doing the boring organizational work of basic politics.

I did organizational work and networking for NGOs in the 1990s, without using the Internet, so have never been impressed by online social media. Have never been active on Facebook for example. The first time I used any social media platform was in January, 2021. Only rely on Gab, Minds and Parler. I guess however that I’ve been shadow banned or disrupted on all of them. Never get any feedback from other users on Parler. All notifications have disappeared on Gab, and the notification button doesn’t work. Feedback dropped to almost zero. Minds appear to work, but my articles there get only 1-7 views approximately, (almost) no replies. My own website on WordPress usually has 0-5 visitors each day, no comments, except two short flimsy ones. (One comment said my website was interesting. Didn’t publish it). But still happy and unconcerned despite no Internet audience. Haven’t forgotten how politics work in real life: damn hard or tedious labor when organizing projects together with other activists.

It’s possible of course that I’ve not been shadow banned or disrupted in other ways. If no (private) intelligence agency has been interfering, then it must be good to know, from their point of view, that left- or rightwing militant activists are not interested in spreading any of the info presented on drone-surveillance.info.

Disillusioned, in a stoic way, once again. Have basically given up on stopping surveillance states in the West or East. The main priority now is to support any surveillance state that is culturally conservative, not woke, not libertine. Got narcolepsy but guess it’s possible to spend a few hours each evening on real political work. Got time after having stopped watching propaganda movies from Hollywood. Recommend others to do the same. If sick old me can do a bit of political work, so can you. It can be very exciting, a good adrenaline kick, if done in the right way, in the right place. Nonviolently of course. Like this for example:


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