The Economist wants global censorship

Watch partial disinformation or spin and fearmongering from The Economist and how it recommends global censorship (08:29 – 08:57):

Far right online: the rise of extremist gamers | The Economist

It’s videos like this that radicalizes people. Look at how many dislikes it got, 6k likes and 4.2k dislikes at the moment of writing.

The Global Terrorism Index 2020 (p 64):

“High intensity attacks in the West by ideology, 1970–2019”

“There have been 13 far-right terrorist attacks that killed more than ten people.” (…)

“Far-right terrorism has been more lethal than far-left terrorism over the past two decades, but not as lethal as Islamist terrorism. Far-right attacks have caused an average of 0.86 deaths per incident, much higher than the 0.11 deaths per incident for far-left attacks, but also substantially lower than the 4.49 deaths per attack for radical Islamist terrorism in the West.” (…)

” … There have been 24 Islamist attacks, 13 far-right terrorist attacks, and three attacks inspired by other ideologies that have resulted in ten deaths or more.”

The risk of dying from a lightning strike is higher than the chance of getting killed in a terrorist attack. However, to get a more nuanced view also read literature like this paper here:

Terrorism, Lightning and Falling Furniture

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