LGBT people have more to lose than conservatives when continuing the culture war

Moderate cultural conservatives are really not that bothered personally by the presence of LGBT in the mainstream culture. We are in principle against LGBT in mainstream society, but not in subcultures, because LGBT contradicts two core values in the ideology of cultural conservatism: 1) orthodox religion and 2) traditional family institutions. But we don’t suffer physically when LGBT has now become more part of mainstream culture in the West. In many cases LGBT is just a pesky nuisance. In one way it’s actually good that LGBT has entered Hollywood movies because it motivates conservatives to spend energy on other activities, especially politics, instead of wasting time on braindead entertainment from California. Fighting LGBT can itself be “entertainment”. Nationalists are natural tribalists, so a tribal culture war can be fun from that perspective. It’s a relatively good way to avoid boredom when the conflict intensifies.

LGBT people on the other hand have a lot to lose when continuing the culture war:

Firstly, you don’t make friends by waging war. The latter can be useful in some cases to protect your own human rights. But LGBT people in America and Europe already have the same judicial rights as everyone else in the West. They even get special judicial privileges, because if a LGBT person gets violently attacked the perpetrator is more harshly punished than if he or she had attacked a non-LGBT individual. The culture war in the West today is not about legal rights. It’s about LGBT people wanting to become part of mainstream culture, to appear in Hollywood movies and be visible in mainstream online games. But LGBT is a minority and will therefore make a lot of enemies (globally) when demanding that they should be central in a new “majority culture of diversity”. I’m sure they are excited by the culture war too, but war is not the way to create social and cultural harmony within a constitutional democracy where everybody’s judicial rights are already protected.

I’m an outcast myself and have always enjoyed living in subcultures, so I really don’t understand why LGBT individuals insist on being accepted by mainstream citizens. It just proves that many LGBT people are not proud of being different. They instead desire to become “normal”. That’s pathetic and hypocritical. They talk about “individualism” and “diversity” but want to join traditional collectives like churches and militaries. Why? Is the goal to undermine these institutions from within?

Secondly, many common people will censor themselves and not express their true feelings about LGBT when the new woke elite uses top-down corporate and government power to manufacture pro-gay consent.

Majority of Americans censor themselves with 59% saying it’s ‘out of control’: study

LGBT people may therefore very well be living in a dangerous illusion when believing that they have finally become genuinely accepted by the majority.

Common people are sheep. Most of them follow any elite that happens to have power. They can be peaceful today and violent tomorrow, depending on their leaders. Consequently, it’s important for all minorities and democracy in general that leaders of the three main ideologies are relatively happy within a state, or else they will rebel. These main ideologies are socialism (equality), liberalism (freedom) and cultural conservatism or nationalism (brotherhood). All modern societies must have a balance between equality, liberty and ethnic brotherhood to function without rebellion.

You may have noticed that cultural conservatives are not happy campers in the “gay fourth industrial revolution” which started in the late 1990s. The cultural conservative elite has had enough, and that’s one reason why there is civil unrest in the West. Censorship and LGBT propaganda will make the situation worse. For example, when the cultural conservative elite mobilizes against the LGBT lobby it’s always a risk that some primitive and immoral activists will turn to violence. The risk of violence is almost unavoidable in all very intense conflicts. For example, when leftwing elites fight capitalism it’s always a chance that the most volatile and uninformed among them will erroneously think that terrorism is an effective method. In roughly 99% of all cases it’s not effective. But some politically immature individuals, left or right, will always do stupid things, and some of their leaders will exploit that (behind the scenes). A culture war is not the place to be if LGBT individuals want physical safety. It will not bring them peace of mind in a constitutional democracy.

On the other hand, if LGBT leaders are now in this fight because endless strife gives them a purpose in life, something to do in an otherwise boring situation, then I get that, but it then also appears that LGBT people have forgotten what they are fighting for: non-hostility in their everyday lives.

Cooperating with unethical corporations and seeking help from the surveillance state is not the way to create genuine peace.

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