Associated Press: Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments

America is becoming a scary place. AP writes in Feb 2021:

“Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak announced a plan to launch so-called Innovation Zones in Nevada to jumpstart the state’s economy by attracting technology firms, Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Wednesday.”

“The zones would permit companies with large areas of land to form governments carrying the same authority as counties, including the ability to impose taxes, form school districts and courts and provide government services.”

Engadget (April 26, 2021):

Nevada governor backpedals on plan to allow tech companies to form local governments

“Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is retreating from his plan to introduce legislation that would have allowed tech companies to form local governments within the state. Per The Nevada Independent, the governor now instead plans to create a bipartisan committee made up of state Senate and Assembly members to study the idea. At the end of 2021, the group will present recommendations to Sisolak, with one possible outcome being that they suggest he abandon the proposal.”

In July 2021 we can read that France wants to imprison people for 6 months if they are not vaccinated when entering many public places. The Guardian:

France achieves record Covid jabs with Macron’s ‘big stick’ approach

“People unable to present a valid health pass risk up to six months in prison and a fine of up to €10,000 (£8,500), according to the draft text of the law, while owners of “establishments welcoming the public” who fail to check patrons’ passes could go to jail for a year and be hit with a €45,000 fine.”


“France: Tens of thousands protest against COVID pass, vaccination”

Covid-19 is not Ebola. It has such a relatively low death rate that it’s blatant authoritarianism, a violation of constitutional democracies, to introduce a medical apartheid in this situation. Giving medical authorities this much brutal power is somewhat reminiscent of the medical profession in Nazi Germany.

If we are going to have woke corporate authoritarianism in the West, then it’s better for cultural conservatives to live in authoritarian but Christian Russia.

(The only problem if I want to live in Russia now is that FSB will probably demand a very thorough lie detector test and interrogations to verify that I’m not a Western spy. That’s Cold War 2…)

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