The woke man’s burden in Asia

I have no friends or enemies. Only have a permanent interest in stopping libertinism and wokeness in mainstream cultures. Will therefore support any group, institution or government that shares this interest, be it in Cameroon, Bhutan, Chile, Russia, India or China for example. Will even support Silicon Valley if the corporate elite there drops libertine wokeness, but United Coasts of America (UCA) is the origin of sleazy wokeness, and that makes it very unlikely that American coastal cities will freely give up being missionaries who spread their own favorite lifestyle and ideology everywhere, on a global level.

If conservative governments in Asia, Latin America or Africa allow LGBT and Critical Race Theory (CRT) to get a foothold within the mainstream culture of their state, then it will only take 2-3 decades before these countries are divided into many splintered and warring minority groups (partly) under the corporate rule of UCA.

Libertine wokeness is the new justification which “liberal” imperialists use as an excuse for corporate conquest. If you doubt that, ask Native Americans what they think. Do they support that corporations and immigrants have stolen their land?

Very generally speaking one can say that Christianity (or any other religion) is no longer the worldview of the secular West. The elites in the US/EU are therefore opportunistically looking for a new ideology that can be the driving force or “political myth” of America and Europe (and other continents too if their high-tech AI conquest is effective the next decades). They have decided to rely on wokeness as the new secular “religion” of the West. But their “will to power” is the same as always. It’s extremely important that non-Western nations don’t fall for this rhetoric, because it’s only neoliberal/neocon imperialism in a new wrapping.

To use Marxist terminology it can be argued that wokeness has global corporate feudalism as its economic base and that leftwing culture politics is the new superstructure. This superstructure implies that orthodox religions, traditional family values and national cultures must be gradually destroyed. Annihilation of traditional cultures will happen much faster now because of 1) global communication systems like Starlink, and 2) increased migration to cities dominated by robots and IoT surveillance. This global mega-trend can only be stopped if cultural conservatives in all nations decide to fight a common enemy, using the slogan: “Modernization without libertine wokeness”.

United we stand, divided we fall. But corporations on the American coasts will of course try to use the old strategy of “divide and conquer“, like the good ol’ days of the East India Company. They will probably try to smear me and anyone else resisting their oligarchy. To see how these bandits operate today read Undercover by Lewis and Evans. BBC in 2021: Undercover officers ‘encouraged to sleep with activists’. Breaking Points: Did FBI HATCH PLOT To Kidnap Gretchen Whitmer?

The United Coasts of America may also try to claim that I’m a divisive person secretly working for the enemy of India or working for an enemy of Russia for instance. But to be wonderfully pretentious I’m actually like UNESCO, since my only goal is to contribute to protecting all traditional cultures from the degeneration of libertinism and wokeness. The best defense today is to encourage national unity within each non-woke state. This unity will make it easier to resist the high-tech imperialism of UCA. I therefore support that conservative grassroots (populists) cooperate with their own non-woke governments. In short, I’m not divisive like Alexei Navalny in Russia.

A political realist has to be relatively pragmatic to win this fight. Since my only permanent interest is to stop libertine wokeness in the mainstream culture I have no problem with India having an alliance with America if it can use that as leverage to prevent UCA from spreading libertinism and wokeness to other countries. India should say to UCA: We’ll only participate in an alliance if you stop distributing the sophomoric ideology of libertine wokeness.

But always have a clear and undistorted view of what UCA represents. It’s in the DNA of California to spread libertinism and wokeness. UCA attracts introvert computer geeks and highly energized immigrants with type A personalities who have no cultural roots when dreaming of creating a LGBT version of Star Trek. Bezos wants to create Elysium. Much is hype. But they are already sending AI drones to Mars, so it’s a very serious situation. From the perspective of cultural conservatism it’s better in the long run if India either builds more nukes and its own AI weapons in order to maintain neutrality and/or cooperate with all other nations except UCA.

India is not dealing with an easy choice in this case, because China also constitutes a danger simply because of its economic power and population size. A political realist must take that into consideration, especially after the deadly skirmishes in the Himalayas. I’m not interested in that fight however. Instead happy as long as both India and China resists the cultural policies of the UCA.

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