No need for America to start a war over semiconductors in Taiwan

A cherry-picked video that confirms my amateurish view and bias in the chip debate:

Peter Zeihan on Semiconductors and Rare Earth Metals | June 2021

As a gamer I’m basically happy in one way as long as America, especially North Carolina (or any other nation/empire) keeps producing the latest cutting-edge chips. On the other hand, what’s the point of having a 2 nm chip if many of the games from the West is just flashy junk sprinkled with disgusting content and woke ideology?

Less importantly, from a gaming perspective, is that it appears like there is no need for America to get bogged down in yet another war, in Taiwan. Such a war would sure be spectacular on CNN but it will also temporarily ruin the supply chain for CPUs and GPUs, and that’s why gamers should not support it (until we have enough chip factories up and running in the West).

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