Nigeria, not Germany, should be part of UN Security Council

If white-skinned nationalists support a strong and prosperous Africa then each nation in Europe can peacefully repatriate almost all foreigners, regardless of skin color, over a 5-10 years period, without being accused of racism.

White conservatives supporting that Nigeria becomes a permanent member of the Security Council will break the corporate woke imperial narrative that we (European) nationalists are “racists”. This narrative is disinformation, cf what Hannah Arendt has written about nationalism in The Origins of Totalitarianism.

Digression: skin color from a nationalist perspective is not a sign of supremacy. It’s simply a biological marker revealing cultural belongingness, showing your original roots.

Critics will argue that Nigeria is in shambles. But, have you seen America and Europe lately? Disintegration. Not as bad as Nigeria however. So, an alternative counter-narrative is to support that two nuclear powers join UNSC instead: India and Pakistan.

Cultural conservatives should not support that Germany joins UNSC. Germany suffers from an inferiority complex because of WW2. It has succumbed to masochistic moralism, lashing out at anybody who is not on the multicultural bandwagon. Germany today is anti-white, anti-conservative. Tragically it will therefore be relatively better for conservatives in Europe if more traditionalist countries outside the ultra-liberal West become members of UNSC.

Conservative Christians in Europe have in many ways more in common with African Christians than they have things in common with the libertine and woke elites in the EU and US.

Any conservative religious person in the West has in many ways more in common with any religious traditionalist in the East than we have things in common with libertine woke secularists. This can justify tactical cooperation against a common enemy but without involving ecumenism.

White people have been reduced to self-flagellating pawns controlled by corporate globalists. Even Tucker Carlson defends a multi-racial America instead of supporting WASP. Trump is pro-LGBT. Many “conservatives” in the West today are actually just classical liberals. Conservatives in England for example don’t appear to have the courage to say that England belongs to white people. Watch this video here for instance at 01:57 – 02:03.

Why is it that all continents except America and Europe are allowed to have their ancestry intact while the West is “racist” if not gradually becoming a melting pot where everyone is light-brown a few centuries from now, according to the liberal Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic magazine, in his book Why People Believe Weird Things.

The Overton window has moved to the corporate “left” in such a degree that white people don’t dare to claim ownership of their own land in Europe. It’s pathetic. It’s our land in the same way that North America belongs to indigenous people and Australia belongs to Aboriginals. This is elementary nationalism, not to be confused with the ethno-imperialism of European empires in the 19th century.

If a person from India or South Africa sees the cultural rubbles of Europe today he or she can rightly say: karma is a bitch. But if you are a conservative in a non-Western country then you don’t want to become victim of the new wave of woke corporate imperialism.

Nationalism is idealism. I’m a 70% political realist however, because of disillusionment. It’s of course pointless to ask any nuclear empire to withdraw from indigenous territories. Instead of focusing on the “stolen land” issue it’s better, from the viewpoint of realism, to encourage all empires to improve themselves morally and culturally. I have therefore never been anti-America, anti-China or anti-Russia. Being a cultural conservative I naturally have sympathy with almost any moderate tradition, including all the positive aspects of Southern culture in America: country music, evangelical Christianity and the way of life in the South. Blues too, in New Orleans.

The greatest value that white Americans have given the world is the US Constitution, which inspired the Constitution in Norway. I’m an old-school constitutionalist.

That being said, I’ve basically given up on the many lazy and cowardly “conservatives” in the West. These dummies are so easily tricked that if woke corporatists send out a social media message only saying I support that “Nigeria, not Germany, should be part of UN Security Council”, then many superficial “conservatives” will just assume that I’m leftwing without taking time to read this article.

People today are so easily fooled that it’s a tragicomedy.

People get the government they deserve.

UNSC however might as well stay the way it is. Packing the Security Council with more permanent members will probably not change much anyway.

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