Gay America should not invade other countries, and that includes Cuba

I’m an anti-communist. Supported all American interventions from 2001 to after the dictator in Libya was killed. Even “defended” Blackwater. In principle the idealist in me still supports military R2P, as seen in Sierra Leone 2000. But realistically I eventually had to recognize that Washington simply lacks the competence to help other countries militarily (unless it’s a WW2 situation). This is only a matter of incompetence, as I see it, but that is enough from the viewpoint of the Just War doctrine, because it basically says that incompetency disqualifies you from going to war.

Politicians and generals in Washington became violent extremists when using torture, a demonic method, to win wars, but they failed, so all this torture and countless (unknown) deaths were for naught. And that was not by accident or misfortune. It was to a large degree caused by criminal negligence and corporate greed, cf The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and Spies for Hire by Tim Shorrock. The US military has become a hybrid mercenary army, though things have improved a bit (now that Washington is not as violently active as it was in the 2000s). The New York Times in 2020:

“Though the number [of contractors] employed by the military has declined significantly since the peak of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, in July 2018 the U.S. Central Command still employed more than 49,000 of them in the Middle East. P.W. Singer, the author of “Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry,” says, “We are a public-private hybrid military now — there’s no going back.””

“Today many soldiers leave the service only to return almost immediately in contracting jobs. The private sector offers wages few military jobs can match and more flexibility than a four-year enlistment. Critics point out, however, that such perks come with significant drawbacks; many involve tours in dangerous, unstable parts of the world — U.S. allies with repressive governments or even active combat zones.”

Arrested, Tortured, Imprisoned: The U.S. Contractors Abandoned in Kuwait

Perhaps military R2P failed to a large degree because the US military had become a privatized rogue army under Bush and Halliburton? If China had occupied Europe and thereby threatened what is left of our original cultures I would have appreciated help from Washington if the army it sent had been like the one in WW2. Today however the most dangerous words you can hear from an American is: I’m a filthy rich ignorant drunk pimp from Washington and I’m here to help you.

America lost its right to police others after not winning several “just wars” despite using a whole range of tactics available to them, including demonic methods such as torture for example (which backfired and made things worse). If they had won these wars and created peace, freedom and prosperity in conquered nations, like we saw in Germany and Japan in 1945, everything would have been forgiven/forgotten. Then it would have been good if Washington had also got rid of the tyrants in Cuba. But no informed person can support an intervention in Cuba when seeing the pathetic track record of Washington’s attempt at creating a global “liberal hegemony” through bombs, lies and propaganda.

The latest fashion of Pentagon, the flavor of the decade, is the pro-gay army of America. Only a moron – or a white college student at Berkeley or Harvard – believes that a pro-LGBT army from Washington will make it easier to win wars in non-Western countries. The LGBT flag seen outside American embassies will only help insurgents recruit new people willing to fight gay American coastal states (though other factors are often more important than just this resistance to LGBT). Pentagon and Washington know that many non-woke states will use anti-LGBT sentiments to unite their own culturally conservative people against American coastal cities. It’s therefore reasonable enough to assume that the US military has pivoted to wokeness because it has (temporarily) given up on R2P and nations building in favor of creating an army of AI robots and drones, produced in the millions, just to defeat China and Russia. AI weapons are designed by pro-LGBT computer geniuses (smart fools) in Silicon Valley, LA, Boston and Seattle. The majority of Americans live in ultra-liberal cities or urban areas. And that’s where you find computer talents. There are few AI geniuses on farms in the Midwest. It should therefore not be surprising that Pentagon has become woke.

Network-centric-warfare failed in the 2000s, but Pentagon appears to be betting on a comeback with AI bots and drone swarms in 2025 or 2035. Who have the skills needed to design these post-human weapons? Computer geeks who are into transhumanism, an ideology related to transgender wokeness, because both ideologies reject the limits of biology.

It appears silly, totally absurd, but one of the main dividing lines between Washington’s soft tyranny and Beijing’s dictatorship is going to be whether you are for or against LGBT in the mainstream culture of a state. At first glance this divide is almost as dumb as two gangs of football hooligans fighting because their t-shirts have different colors. But orthodox religion and traditional family institutions are part of the five core values of moderate cultural conservatives, right beside the values of 1) nationalism, 2) liberty and 3) pro-nonviolent solutions under the rule of law, so real conservatives have a duty to protect family values and combat LGBT if it tries to enter the mainstream culture of a state. But it’s not a problem if LGBT stays in a subculture where its members have exactly the same judicial rights and legal protections as everyone else in a society.

If LGBT people want others to like them why are they participating in a (violent) culture war? That’s not how you make friends. They will perhaps argue that cultural conservatives in Europe and America today are not winning hearts and minds either if continuing the war over mainstream cultures in Western democracies. But it’s the LGBT lobby that have used propaganda the last 50 years to push the Overton window to the left while moderate cultural conservatives have basically stood still, not moved to the far right.

Saagar Enjeti: If You Hate The Culture War, BLAME WHITE LIBERALS

Nationalists are very good at winning tribal wars. The LGBT minority is only going to win this war (in the West) if using the high-tech solutions and networks offered by Silicon Valley. Will that be enough to win? It depends.

Pentagon is betting everything on 1) future tech not being hype, and 2) other nations not having the guts to stop this unprecedented power grab. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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