China responds to remarks on its challenges in the chip war

Here’s an interesting take on chips, from the current “underdog” in the imperial semiconductor war:

Should China Manufacture All Kinds Of Chips?

The video forgets to mention that China and Russia need equally good or faster chips than what the United Coasts of America will produce if these two non-woke nations want to resist “liberal” colonization 2.O or Napoleon 2033 – 2077. This presupposes of course a more or less uninterrupted trajectory from today’s rather mediocre AI to either real AGI or exceptionally good multi-domain narrow military AI.

I bet UCA win sooner or later if it’s “business as usual” in Big Tech in the coming decades.

China or Russia may not be able to withstand Starlink entertainment or win the global propaganda war if their chips are more than two generations behind the AI hackers and AR/VR games produced by UCA.

However, if China and Russia put their resources into creating MMORPGs with the best artwork, the best music, the best reward system, the best storylines, in addition to continually releasing new content, without any wokeness, without lame cursing or disgusting dialogues (as now seen in ESO), it will be easy to dominate culturally conservative markets in both Western and non-liberal states, even if the graphics are not as superficially spectacular as woke games from UCA. This is the chance to leapfrog ahead of Hollywood. (VR/AR) MMORPGS are the future of entertainment.

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