Robots replacing nurses. Military robots. And how vaccines may soon contain wifi that tracks you via omnipresent IoT

Even social workers will to some degree become unemployed when robots gradually replace humans. Pro Robots (06:29 – 06:58):

WAIC 2021 – Robot Expo in China | Latest Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Developments

Aircraft carriers and human soldiers are so yesterday. Long live hypersonic AI and other deadly gadgets shown by Pro Robots at 10:36 – 11:53 in the video above. Not impressed? How about Skyborg? Will that scare you? The War Zone:

USAF Plans For Its “Skyborg” AI Computer Brain To Be Flying Drones In The Next Two Years

If you want to scare people into submission why not combine “Skynet” from Terminator and the Borg from Star Trek? What do you get? Skyborg! But it’s woke, killing with equity, in a diverse manner, so don’t worry, be happy.

The same Pro Robots video at 06:59 – 07:35 discusses research covered by Engadget here:

‘Atomically thin’ transistors could help make electronic skins a reality

Electronic skin will only truly become practical if it’s thin enough to be virtually unnoticeable, and scientists might have just delivered that breakthrough. Stanford researchers have developed a new technique that produces “atomically-thin” transistors under 100 nanometers long. That’s “several times” shorter than the previous best, according to the university.”

“… The new approach covers glass-coated silicon with a super-thin semiconductor film (molybdenum disulfide) overlayed with nano-patterened gold electrodes. This produces a film just three atoms thick …”

“Once the components have cooled, the team can apply the film to the substrate and take a few “additional fabrication steps” to create a whole structure about five microns thick, or a tenth the thickness of human hair. …”

“… The researchers want to both refine the flexible tech and include wireless tech that would allow networking without bulky hardware. This also ignores the usual challenges with tech like this — the inventors would need to find a way to mass-produce these transistors at reasonable prices. If successful, though, this could lead to highly efficient e-skins, implants and other flexible devices that are almost imperceptible.”

A white blood cell is between 6-14 microns. A vaccine in the future may therefore contain wifi particles. They may only send signals a few cm outside the body, but that can be picked up by IoT embedded in your furniture and in the seats of busses, cars and trains for example. The rollout of such IoT can be justified with reference to tracking the spread of viruses and monitoring the environment because of climate changes. With the increased centralization of tech and communication under a few large corporations, especially during global emergencies in the 2030s or 2050s, it may not be possible for critics to refute corporate media if the latter claims that all criticism of “wifi vaccines” is just absurd “fake news” that must be censored and shadow banned.

It may take a decade or two before we get “wifi vaccines”. Here is the smallest computer that is publicly known today:

The Smallest Computer in the World Fits On a Grain of Rice

I’m not anti-vaccine however, so here’s a counterargument:

“The latest and most absurd reason for not getting vaccinated in the United States is the notion that the government is putting chips in vaccination serum to keep track of personal behavior. One should wonder how that is possible when the smallest microchip that can send a signal (as simple as, say, a person’s geometric coordinates) is larger than the size of a grain of rice (2 mm in diameter). How will such a piece of hardware pass through a needle of diameter 0.514 mm, the size of a horse’s hair?”

How False Beliefs In Vaccines Follow Coincidences

But how long will it take before the smallest computer is 0.5 mm instead of 2 mm? And who knows the size of the smallest computer which DARPA has created in secret?

If you think I’m scaremongering read what Facebook has already achieved: mind reading.

Brain implant turns thoughts into words to help paralyzed man ‘speak’ again

“The UCSF research taps a brain-computer interface to turn attempted speech into typing. It’s funded by Facebook, which is shifting its own focus on neural tech.”

The main point of this article is not “wifi vaccines”. I’m primarily using it as an example to illustrate the unintended consequences of shadow banning and censorship of free political speech: when rightwing people see that Big Tech and Big Pharma and Big Corporate Media are censoring free and open debates the result is that relatively many will not trust governments in debates about vaccines. This distrust, partly caused by censorship and shadow banning, will therefore motivate relatively many to reject vaccines.

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