post-human warfare

Trump and Tim Pool and many others laugh at the wokeness of CIA and DoD, but that’s probably because they fail to take AI automation seriously. If you are betting on winning the next wars (primarily) with the help of AI drones and robots instead of humans, then it’s rational enough to create recruitment and propaganda videos that appeal to (immigrant) computer nerds living in coastal cities. Many of them are woke.

If many of the best nuclear physicists in 1939 had been woke it’s likely that Pentagon had become woke too, in order to recruit them, because an atomic bomb can do more damage than a whole army of the toughest men on Earth.

Instead of laughing at the wokeness of the US military you should be horrified by what this new policy implies: tough men in the heartland of America will no longer be the backbone of the US military, because they will gradually be replaced by AI drones and robots. This is the future: no more payouts to disabled human veterans after nasty wars. Robots will do (almost) all the dirty work, and that includes mass surveillance of unemployed but highly energetic (young) men on the brink of dying metaphorically and literally (suicide) because of utter boredom and idleness. But rebellion is impossible when trillions of insect drones and IoT sensors can see and hear everything.

Russia’s macho soldiers are Neanderthals in the fourth industrial revolution, like the last samurais using swords against superior Western technology.

Woke Pentagon only has to avoid a major war with China or Russia until 2030 or 2035. By that time it’s likely that American coastal states have achieved sufficient multi-domain narrow AI supremacy. But this presupposes that 1) Silicon Valley can deliver what it promises, and 2) Russia, China or another lesser power doesn’t start a major intercontinental war first.

When NATO is pushing into Ukraine and the Taiwan Strait it should keep in mind that Russia and China have less reason than the West to avoid a major war in the 2020s, in the years before Washington and Silicon Valley will most likely be the first to achieve AI supremacy.

Pentagon is gambling when betting on wokeness today, but the reward in the future can perhaps be unprecedented: AI world domination. Do you think the high-functioning psychopaths in Washington are going to say no to that? I think they roll the dice. Smart people on the psychopathy spectrum are (relatively) fearless. They will probably gamble like they did in Vietnam and Iraq 2003. Especially when nobody in the West has enough guts or power to stop them.

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