America should not risk WW3 just because of Taiwan

Steve Bannon and Tim Pool are surprisingly bellicose in relation to the long internal civil war between Han Chinese people in Asia, which in terms of distance from Los Angeles is similar to London intervening in what is happening in Taiwan.

The stopping power of the Pacific Ocean will keep the US safe, as long as China lacks superior AI drones and robots. Even the stopping power of the Taiwan Strait makes it extremely difficult for Beijing to conquer this island.

The domino theory was clearly refuted after America lost the war in Vietnam without Communism spreading across Asia. To avoid the failed appeasement strategy of Chamberlain before WW2 the arguably best solution is to build up the military defense of Japan, Philippines and other nations that are neighbors of China. If China attacks Taiwan, withdraw all Western corporations from China. Beijing will then lose more than it gains, risking a rebellion at home, a scenario which CCP fears more than anything else.

America would have had moral credibility if it decades ago had started wars to liberate Tibetans and Uighurs, two independent nations that are true victims of Chinese imperialism. From a nationalist perspective the conflicts in Hong Kong and Taiwan are internal matters. The principle of ethno-national self-determination requires that all other countries stay out of this particular conflict. But, hey, moderate ethno-nationalists like myself support it in principle if America liberates Tibet and Xinjiang, as long as the incompetent war criminals in Washington don’t mess it all up like they have done in Muslim countries. Please avoid a nuclear war if liberating Tibet or Xinjiang.

Strategically it’s not unwise if China gets a few more nukes, because its arsenal is now so small that the hawks in Washington can be tempted to attack preemptively.

The fear that America will suffer if Beijing gets control over the semiconductor industry in Taiwan is an exaggerated fear. That industry will be blown up if China attacks Taiwan, preventing both America and China from taking advantage of TSMC. It’s insane and psychotic, worse than a heroin addiction, to risk WW3 just because of semiconductors. The West should instead build up its own superior chip industry. The woke freedom in America and Europe will attract the smartest computer nerds from all over the world. The West has time on its side, as long as NATO doesn’t do anything stupid in Taiwan and Ukraine.

But I’m against all empires, since I’m a true nationalist. WW1 and WW2 destroyed several empires. So if bellicose Americans really want to risk WW3 during a fight over Taiwan, then go ahead and make my day. Because there will be no empires in a nuclear winter.

Finally, I’m not against the US military per se. Initially I even naively supported Blackwater, because the idealist in me will in principle still support military R2P, as seen when the British successfully intervened in Sierra Leone, 2000. But I’m not naive any longer, not after having read the chapter about Iraq in The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. I’m grateful nevertheless for Americans being willing to help liberate Europe during WW2 and defeat the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union. But have one thing in common with Eisenhower. I don’t trust the military-industrial complex. Read Spies for Hire by Tim Shorrock. It really is shocking.

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